Semester (CBCS) With effect from 2018 DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY Courses of Studies CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM B.Sc. Core Course (CC): A course, which should compulsorily be studied by a candidate as a core DRATF SYLLABUS FOR B. Sc. h�b```�Zƿ cb�@�\������d���V>)��B�|���|r!|����nk�2� Marks:80 (Theory:50, Practical:30) General characteristics and classification up to classes and study of types mentioned UNIT-I: Information Technology. SCHEME AND SYLLABUS FOR CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM FOR B.Sc. 2020 Based on CBCS System Ability Enhancement Courses %���� Information Technology (Non-honours and Generic Elective) Mathematics. Syllabus For Bachelor of Science in Zoology (Honours) Under Choice Based Credit System Academic Session w.e.f. Multi-Disciplinary Course 3 0 obj to Life Sciences and Biomedical sciences if they have studied Zoology and Chemistry as generic elective at undergraduate level under CBCS scheme. Fabric and Apparel Science; Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition – PGDDPHN Zoology. of Classes Group Topic Marks Gr. (Hons.) ��ġ��'�������Q���G���� F�w����w(��d�t�Mi�#�����*JP��q�u�F}6$ch�? Faculty of Social Sciences. A.2. These courses are open for admission to students from Zoology (Hons.) (Hons.) Outlines of Choice Based Credit System: 1. Mass Media. ProgrammeSpecific Outcomes (PSOs): It is expected that a student after successfully completing four semesters of M.Sc. Zoology. 0 Generic Elective( Any four) GE T1- Choose From the CBCS Syllabus of Zoology/ Chemistry/ Botany GE P1- Choose From the CBCS Syllabus of Zoology/ Chemistry/ Botany GE T2- Choose From the CBCS Syllabus of Zoology / Chemistry/ Botany GE P2- Choose From the CBCS Syllabus of Zoology… * Programme for Degree Part-III (Special), Exam. (Hons.) endstream endobj 26446 0 obj <>/Metadata 565 0 R/Outlines 617 0 R/Pages 26412 0 R/StructTreeRoot 840 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 26447 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 26448 0 obj <>stream 26472 0 obj <>stream MAHAVIDYALAYA, CHANDIKHOLE, JAJPUR (SYLLABUS) GENERIC ELECTIVE PAPERS (GE) Zoology - CBCS PATTERN SEMESTER-I GE-1: ANIMAL DIVERSITY (NON-CHORDATE), PHYSIOLOGY AND ENDOCRINOLOGY Max. ZOOLOGY (HONOURS & GENERAL) 2016 Unit No. M.Sc. 2 0 obj Economics Economics paper in B.A. Human Development and Childhood Studies; M.Sc. endobj Self-Contained Courses. Program with Computer Applications. 2020-2023 For ... Generic Elective ZOO-H-GE-101-T Chemistry/ Botany 75 60 15 ZOO-H-GE-101-P 25 20 05 AECC Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course Zoology; Department of Home Science . Economics. SCHEME AND SYLLABUS FOR CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM FOR B.Sc. Syllabus for B.Sc. (Honors) ZOOLOGY Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) Course effective from academic year 2019-20 . SCHEME FOR CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEMIN B.Sc. 4 0 obj Food and Nutrition; M.Sc. �: ɡ�w���ޗ�k�RA�N3De���}v�'^��w��h�K��������a}���w�b��~�]��w$�c묡K4UA�Y��hv(� t. PART – I HONOURS 1 Unit I 5075 Group A Diversity & Functional Anatomy of Non-chordate Forms 25 Group B Diversity & Functional Anatomy of Chordate Forms 25 Unit II 75 Group A Cell biology 15 50 Group B Genetics 35 2 Generic Elective–1 Practical* Animal Diversity Lab 2 II Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course–II Communicative English/MIL 2 Core course–III Non- chordates II 4 Core course–III Practical Non- chordates II Lab 2 Core course–IV Cell Biology 4 Core course–IV Practical Cell Biology Lab 2 Generic Elective–2* Comparative Anatomy & Developmental Biology of Vertebrates 4 Physics (Honours) Revised. (Hon’s) ZOOLOGY Semester Core Course (14) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (2) Skill Enhancement Course SEC (2) Discipline Specific Elective DEC (4) Generic Elective GE (4) I Non-chordates BZC – 101 English Communication Environment and Public Health BZG – 103 BA/ B.Sc/B.Com (CBCS English) and English Literature for Generic Elective (GE) for students majoring in subjects other than English and Discipline Specific Core (DSC) for students pursuing BA without any major (Honors) subject is pleased to submit its Report. x��Y[o۸~���G �U��()X,��n�n.E�ȶ���vbamɰ�nw����蘊{P4���p.�|3T؇���>��G��;��������Gθ`���3�B�Ǚa�%, � ��xu~��qu~��?�~��.�-< �������9���ͼ?��=,J��|�=��a�O�gC8M0�ʌ�l�� ��ʲ�m�����Q�eAEL%i�IA�b��7�2p��y$���60����A�KT� ��� Each Inter Disciplinary Elective (Generic Elective) has a weightage of two credits. Statistics. (Prog.) 2020) * Revised Programme for B.Ed. Generic Elective Practical/ Tutorial* 4×2=8 (4 Papers) III. Computer Applications (BCA) Information Technology (BSc in IT) Vocational Courses. ^��ΫƷ��Sh�z�"ޜ_��E�-e`H�].��˵~���Bi/��" l;ĝy��1�&����+|HBP�5�/��2-��lL|��K8߲��b��'�A8�K\ZV��[^d�=�OII~+N.�f���|[��d�s���䋐����yH�Wx����LB*q��{y����\%+�*��䭙s���"�)�)��#.ǝ��-�����K�6���rٌY�s�'������!xL`�T��!��rz�!�-!-�[email protected]����V��6-3����`�NqӦ�����Jg���f����;������}�X���6���8��D���G7�t�bJ7����o�pZ��|�)v`��y&b�"�!�O[�# �w'd�`����ފmL�^;Ͷ':B�cnB��k6d�ڸ^�۞S��d�>�u�zw6s\j�`%g�������Y؝L�b����L\�]�nŧn�`��(7�g��r�v���@zA��nB�Ѷ�>`{��?��t�Q�@,���.����ơ(�a��8OCL�Aҁ�zl^E��������٢�������=� >G�d�`` The students’ performance is evaluated for 50 marks, 20 marks for Internal Assessment and 30 marks for External Semester Examination. 1 0 obj Zoology or Bachelor of Science in Zoology is an undergraduate Zoology course.Zoology is the branch of biology which relates to the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Physics (Non-honours) Revised. Generic Elective Course II (b) - India and Indian Ocean Economy c, 1500-1800 Generic Elective Course IV (b) - Global Political Economy Skill Enhancement Course (Hons.) Marks per paper - Midterm: 15 marks, End term: 60 marks (Theory) + 25 marks (Practical), endstream endobj startxref B.Sc. endobj (Honors) Zoology ... Generic Elective/ 4×4=16 Interdisciplinary (4 Papers) B.2. * Following is the revised schedule of online submission of Examination form & fee in the College/University office for D-III (Special) Exam. Introduction 3 . Medical Laboratory Technician. CBCS ZOOLOGY SYLLABUS FOR B. S. C. (H. ONOURS), CU. 1. 26461 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[26445 28]/Info 26444 0 R/Length 81/Prev 1315167/Root 26446 0 R/Size 26473/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Retail Management & IT. Syllabus For Bachelor of Science in Zoology (Generic Elective) Under Choice Based Credit System Academic Session w.e.f. Generic Elective, Practical/ 4 2 = 8 4 1 = 4 Tutorials*(4 Papers) Optional Dissertation or Project Work in place of one Discipline Speci c elective paper (6 credits) in Semester-VI. Biotechnology (Non-Honours) Revised. <> Department of Zoology. Course Scheme & Syllabus For B.Sc. education for all directorate of distance & continuing education utkal university, vanivihar, bhubaneswar-751 058. contents syllabus for +3 arts (2009 - 2012) subject page (a) compulsory 1-17 endobj in B�`��dꀱ@�HG�q(�fb�V����� Ep�GX��*a�+��@(�rQue`U 6����`�t��D"�0t�:/���(�[email protected]$�� ١�LHz1� q4��ځ�Á�,�^I�a��E-y���"�=���bYp�� ���2�q%��kLA�/�3>e�����B�.v�,�g'1�e\Y�x�����ܾ��р������� ��7f�Sx��X���A&s�B�r ~` ,}�� Resource Management and Design Application; M.Sc. %%EOF Zoology (Program ID-8) (As per Choice Based Credit System) 1st TO 6 th ... 7 Generic Elective-I GE 6 Total 22 GE (Generic Elective-I) (Choose one) S.No Paper Code Course Title L T P Cr. B.Sc. Study of mosquito-borne diseases – Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Viral encephalitis, Filariasis. HONOURS ZOOLOGY Sem Core Course(14) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (2) Skill Enhanceme nt Course SEC (2) Discipline Specific Elective DCE (4) Generic Elective GE (4) I CC-1: Non-chordates I: Protista to Pseudocoelomates English/Hindi/ MIL Communication GE-1: Animal Diversity 2020-2023 For All Constituents / Affiliated Colleges Under BINOD BIHARI MAHTO KOYALANCHAL UNIVERSITY, DHANBAD, JHARKHAND Botany- PhD CW; Chemistry- Ph.D. & M.Phil_Syll 2017; Course Work & M phil Syllabus; Political Science- PhD CW; Sanskrit- PhD Course Work Syllabus; Zoology- PhD Course Work Syllabus Sir/Madam, I am furnishing herewith the confirmation of Generic Elective subjects having two paper each to be read in Semesters system of +3 Arts & Science (CBCS) Examination out of four Generic Elective papers as per the syllabus provided to you. 6. DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY B. 2020 (Hons./Gen.) h�bbd``b`}$�AD��H0�Ab�@�y9�kb��XV �D؃U �,$b���� Y�D�g-�` �B 1 ZOOLOGY HONORS Semester-I Credits Core Course-1 Biology of Non-Chordata-I Protista to Pseudo coelomates 4 Core Course-2 Principles and Ethics of Ecology 4 Lab Works CC1 and CC2 (Practical) 2+2=4 GE-1 (Generic Elective) 6 AECC-1 (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course) 2nd Year Exam 2020 * Revised Programme for U.G Sem.-VI Exam. Control of mosquitoes. Biotechnology (Generic Elective) Generic Elective Syllabus for B.Sc. <>>> Study of house fly as important mechanical vector, Myiasis, Control of … Table of Contents . Exam. Each Generic Elective syllabus is framed for 30 hours. h��Xmo�6�+��a�[email protected] qk�]M� �AM�D�_[����IQ��.�aΤx/u4Ӓ:�I��g�ЦtLX��^[�LqO�3%���`J��o��j_ߓ,� ?�����ϋ��]�i������u�<�1�9'��]V�f���u������}خ��OĻ��uA`����������k�_����{,.��u�����G���M[�����êf��j���L([\}�I]�5O�vW�V��{�։KG���_m������l�7�&}/�ݾ]. }�����NO������n���i��"��:s!�@H[�O�]Y.˗�R��'�dod�NI�Izkh6e����F ��}l�\0�B�>�M��4�P!TW�Q'(��(*��_�zEl����ii�~9�2��9�.�@ƶ��%Il�l���O!�Xǁ�]�u�ed�e\��F��6�3\�e2�����~Wa��̼��ut�K�Z�C�Я����0{OzCts��B��. 2 Year MBA Syllabus Admitted in (2006-2008) PGDHRM, PGDMM, PGDFM, PGDTTM, PGDDNM, PGDPOM, PGDBIM (2006-2007) P.G. Discipline Speci c Elective Practical/ Tutorial* 4 2 = 8 4 1 = 4 (4 Papers) B.1. Based on U.G.C, Syllabus. B. M.Sc. ZOOLOGY HONOURS PAPERS: Core course – 14 papers Discipline Specific Elective – 4 papers (Out of 9 suggested papers) Generic Elective for Non Zoology students – 4 papers. Development Communication and Extension; M.Sc. Food Processing & Quality Management. (AUTO.) 2. stream Page No. <> CBCS Undergraduate Program in Zoology 2015 SCHEME AND SYLLABUS FOR CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM FOR B.Sc. syllabus for +3 arts (compulsory, elective & pass) session : 2014 - 2017 d.d.c.e. %PDF-1.6 %���� Zoology. Regarding Generic Elective Paper of +3 Arts & Science under CBCS Pattern — Detailed paper wise. B.A. Incase University offers 2 subjects as GE, then papers 1 and 2 will be the GE paper. Syllabus skeleton and nomenclature of courses may vary from programme to programmeand credit to credit. %PDF-1.5 Syllabus for B.Sc. Study of sand fly-borne diseases –Leishmaniasis,(visceral and cutaneous), phlebotomus fever; Control of Sand fly.