Copy the Login view from: \Views\Customer\Login.cshtml to your theme's Views folder: \Themes\DarkOrange\Views\Customer\Login.cshtml You can set the RememberMe Property to true in the view if you are unable to alter the controller. name – used to set the name of the object or return the name So from HTML’s point of view, each checkbox in a set of checkboxes is essentially on its own. It is a boolean attribute and used to reflect the HTML Disabled attribute. When this is added to a checkbox, that checkbox is selected as soon as the page loads (i.e. Definition and Usage. So easy solution is use, Html.CheckBoxFor(model => model.a) Then Either use Since we are added checked attribute in html attributes that's why it shows you checked value when the unchecked checkbox is posted. it doesn't need the user to select it). You just have to set the property that the checkbox is linked to to true before you forward to the JSP. A disabled checkbox is unclickable and unusable. This property returns true if the checkbox is checked by default, otherwise it returns false. The user can then choose to "uncheck" that checkbox if so desired, but if they don't it will remain checked (along with any other checkboxes the user checks). The :checked CSS pseudo-class selector represents any radio (), checkbox (), or option (