+ 1 to jquery autoResize plugin … just works. It’s great that you are still keen to improve your script, and its my pleasure to report more bugs :D. I encountered an initialization problem. If you can create a demo and show it to me, that would be great. $(‘.editnote’).live(‘keyup’, function(e) { And the text stops jumping on entering a new line and the resizing is smooth. Try on CodeSandbox . I have to admit, after examining this code a little closer, this really is a great solution. We don't support `autoHeight` more. I can't find any way to shrink it to the correct size - the clientHeight value comes back as the full size of the textarea, not its contents. Hey, Ben. But great idea, will take a closer look. Thanks. Still some problems to go, but at least now they are less :) Thanks. Nice… except you shouldn’t use “live”, use “on” instead, and your version doesn’t resize the height when you remove text: But that could probably be easily added. In HTML, a