In modified form, it also powers many U.S. and European aerobatic aircraft. Parts are documented and properly preserved in climate controlled warehouse. July 2015 - Ever wonder where all the letters and numbers for Lycoming engines came from and what they all mean? There where four … Data plate says: O-320, eng #2689-27. This PDF on Lycoming's web site covers it. I recently came across a June 1972 copy of EAAC Canadian Sport Aviation News, where an explanation of the numbers relating to an O-320 Lycoming engine appeared in an article edited from a Falco newsletter by a Mr. Al Constant.. Total count: 197 aircraft models. Serial Number: Assembled: Spec: Shipped: Engine: Customer Name: Ship to Address: Component: Serial Number: No data to display All of the information provided herein is subject to verification by the user. Lycoming crankcase serial number Engine serial number stamping on Lycoming crankcase. WE know the S/N and we have logs. QUESTION: A friend has an O-320 in his hangar. All service data and maintenance history is tracked by the serial number. The POH, service manual and parts catalogs (not to mention my airframe data plate) all mention the 1966 F being serial numbers 660001 through 660004. This still holds true today. but no data … List of aircraft models that use the LYCOMING 0-540 SERIES engine. General Format: C-D-M Where: C Letters indicating the engine's configuration: I Fuel injected O Opposed type (pancake-style) X X-type engine R Radial type engine G Engine is geared T Engine is turbocharged S Engine is supercharged L Engine is left-turning A Engine is designed for aerobatics (DRY SUMP) AE Engine is designed for aerobatics (WET SUMP) M Engine is designed for … The suffixes are just arbitrary identifiers for significant configuration differences, but there is a bit of a breakdown on Page i … This basic Textron Lycoming O-540 is a high-performance, six-cylinder engine used in many general aviation aircraft. We maintain trace and all log data on components and engines and parts. Lycoming serial numbers can be found on the engine data plate and also on the crankcase at the top parting surface. AERO COMMANDER 500 (16) AERO COMMANDER 500-B (86) AERO COMMANDER 680FL (12) AERO COMMANDER CALLAIR A-9 (6) AERO COMMANDER CALLAIR A-9A (1) AEROFAB INC LAKE LA-250 (30) AGUSTA SPA F.260D (11) … The case is cast with the number L-17001-27A. This allowed Lycoming to modify the original configuration engine if it was ever returned to the factory and still know it had the latest modifications. Now, when TCM or Lycoming builds up a factory rebuilt engine (colloquially butincorrectly referred to as a "factory reman"), it pulls some"anonymous" case halves from one pile, an "anonymous" crankshaft fromanother pile, and so forth. When the engine is completely assembled, it gets a new dataplate, a new serial number, and a new logbook. Engine Serial Number Print. Aircraft Using LYCOMING 0-540 SERIES Engine. The venerable O-320 The suffixes are just arbitrary identifiers for significant configuration differences, but there is a bit of a breakdown on Page i of the PDF. Lycoming: First and most important is the engine serial number. I have only the following data, and am wondering how or where I can use these data to determine exactly which engine this is.