However all this does is confuse Shinji into ignoring her or telling her "Why don't you be nicer to me! Asuka is somewhat of a child genius, having earned a university degree as a teenager, as well as being able to speak fluent Japanese, although she gets bad grades because she has difficulty reading and writing in Japanese (Kanji). Asuka eating the Spaghetti themed Angel. She also wears outfits such as her pale yellow dress with a lavender choker and red Mary Jane shoes. Following this, Asuka showed frustration with Shinji’s accepting nature and reflexive apologies, often arguing with him[9], but Asuka also flirted with Shinji and seemed disappointed when he didn’t respond. She may have been motivated by a strong will to live, or merely a desire not to be so close to others’ souls, as one of her lines towards Shinji in Pre-Instrumentality was, "But, if I have to be with you, I'd rather die!". She is constantly seen berating Misato for various things, ranging from her preferring Shinji to her messy apartment. Immediately after what was supposedly a long time kissing, Asuka started insulting Shinji saying "I can't believe I kissed you! But Asuka and Rei do the most in terms of making their interactions center around meaningful, philosophically poignant, conflict. She does not admit to liking Shinji in front of anyone and seems far too into Kaji to care about anyone else. Asuka appears to be arrogant, proud and somewhat aggressive, but hers is just a mask she uses which hides her insecure, weak and frail self. Asuka is generally the same as she is depicted in the original manga and routinely teases Shinji. And then it gets even worse, when an angel is able to make Asuka confront repressed memories of her traumatic past. It is obvious that Asuka has later come to realize the implications of Kyoko's request, and felt deeply disturbed and powerless about how easily and readily she agreed to it; how she at that very moment was her "mommy's doll", so obedient to and depended on another person that she was willing to give up her life without a second thought. • Descubre todas las publicaciones de AsukaLS On the day she was chosen to be an Eva pilot, the young Asuka opened the door to see that Kyoko had hanged herself along with the doll. This, followed by a mind-rape from Arael that forced Asuka to relive childhood trauma, and then being rescued by Rei Ayanami, whom she despised, started a breakdown that lead to a nearly comatose state in which she cared about nothing. Asuka is deeply hurt by her mother'… There's always more to say about these two fascinating, and similarly troubled, adolescent girl characters. EVA pilot Despite her hatred of Angels, she still befriends Kaworu after he reveals his true heritage to her. There are flashbacks to Asuka repeatedly insulting Shinji and Asuka saying "You can't understand me, how could you possibly think of understanding me?!". During Third Impact, Asuka features heavily in Shinji's experiences in Complementation. The mental injuries incurred during the failed experiment also render her unable to recognize her own child. Asuka is 1/4 Japanese and 1/4 German (from her mother Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu's side), although her nationality is American, as is, apparently, her father's. I'll even stand here and watch." Unlike other versions, she also seems to get along well with Rei, and is visibly upset when Rei is shot by Gendo. Si querés hablar conmigo, escribile a @Asuka-LS. Oskar Langley Soryu Date of Birth: December 4, 2001 Age: 13-14 Hair: Orange Eyes: Blue Race: German-American Relations: Kyoji Zeppelin Soryu (Father; Deceased) Unnamed Mother Unnamed Stepfather Piloted Units: Unit-02 Aliases: Oskar Shikinami Rank: Second Child Appearances: TBA During the tests, the 11th angel Ireul infiltrates the Pribnow Box and attacks, and Asuka and the other pilots are ejected. In Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, she snaps Shinji out of his depressed state during the battle with the mass-produced Evas by declaring that she could not be with someone who'd simply lie down and die. ", she has a extremely high sync-ratio with her EVA that both Shinji and Rei Ayanami cannot parallel. 208 Favourites. Asuka Langley SōryÅ« was born on December 4, 2001. Type of Hero She seems to hate Japan, making loud, rude comments about how there is no privacy because of screen doors, sleeping on the floor is strange to her, and complains about the lack of space. thanks, by the way, andrea_37 which software I need to install to use the user panel? This might be meant to symbolize her temperamental, passionate personality or to solidify the sense of identity she needs from her Eva. 15 Comments. Unlike the anime, where Shinji develops romantic feelings for her very quickly, Sadamoto's Shinji thinks of Asuka as "a real bitch", and his relationship with her is one of with a disagreeable coworker but gradually evolves into something of a friend, with romantic feelings hinted toward the end. It is later revealed that on one of her first assignments, Asuka was forced to kill her mother after Angels took possession of her body. This disappointment is compounded when Asuka smells Misato's lavender perfume on Kaji after he brings her home. The battles of Bardiel and Zeruel both end for Asuka in her being defeated while being outshined by Unit 01, something which further erodes her confidence and sanity. Risk Level: Very High. Main articles: Episode 15, Episode 18, Episode 19, Episode 22, Episode 23, Episode 24, See also: Theory and Analysis:Film Montage Theory in Evangelion. Running home to tell her mother this and that "people are really nice to me now", she opens the door to her house, revealing that her mother has hung herself. She is extremely prideful at lets that get in the way to the extent that she can't be open about her feeling's. Asuka returns in 3.0 with an eyepatch over her left eye and a new plugsuit, as seen in the 3.0 trailer at the end of 2.0.[5]. Before Kyoko killed herself, she would talk to a doll that she thought was Asuka and ask her daughter to die with her, as Asuka's father wanted neither of them. She was actually throttled by her dysfunctional mother, and later "reenacts" this with Shinji when hospitalized. Asuka was born and raised in Germany, living a horrible childhood that left her scarred for life. Her pride takes a few serious blows later down the road, and we see her mental state come gradually unglued. Unfortunately, this caused her to go insane and almost kill Asuka before finally committing suicide, traumatizing her. Apparently, her mother committed suicide, and her step-mother (who had been her father's mistress) didn't want a damn thing to do with Asuka as a child. [12]. "An easily recognizable silhouette is also important, but I designed the characters so that their personalities could be more or less understood at a glance. For this same reason, Asuka prefers to chase after the adult Ryoji Kaji though he ignores her advances. When Arael attacks, Asuka and Eva-02 are trapped by a beam of light from the Angel which proceeds to invade Asuka's mind. And, because they conflict with, and argue with each other, we see another literary phenomenon; the antithesis. Things and people are often described well using comparison. Your pathetic!" The "Director's Cut" of Episode 24 also shows Asuka violently confronting Shinji and saying he's lying when he tells her that Kaji has been killed. She is stubborn and having difficulties in express her true feelings to others. She does not like being looked down upon or told what to do as she wants to be viewed as an adult. Asuka is often violent and intrusive of other people's space, especially Shinji's. Asuka Langley Soryu In 2005, her mother participated in a contact experiment with Unit-02, but due to an accident, suffered a severe mental breakdown, becoming permanently hospitalized. Asuka's new stepmother initially tried to bond with Asuka, but she ended up being discouraged as she found the young girl's overly serious disposition for her age and coldness towards her to be somewhat disturbing, and the two have kept each other at a mutual distance ever since. Right after that, Asuka feels the need to bring Shinji with her and show him the Eva-02 while talking about the Eva's capabilities. Main article: Neon Genesis Evangelion Academy: Record of Heaven's Descent. But If I cant have you all to myself, then I don't what any of you" that is proving that Asuka is willing to accept Shinji but in a very controlling manner, although Shinji just responds saying "Why cant you just be nicer to me"? When her mother told Asuka that she was not wanted, and so should die with her, it might have been the impetus for Asuka’s entire teenage personality, as she certainly tries to make people "notice" her, and also to assert her independence and adulthood. Asuka's final line is "How Disgusting/I feel sick". She is 1/4 Japanese and 1/4 German (from her mother's side), although her nationality is American, as is, apparently, her father's, where she met Misato Katsuragi and Ryoji Kaji. "You won't do anything!" Episode 25, however, reveals that Asuka really doesn’t want to be alone, that retreating from others didn’t cure her pain. Asuka gets jealous when other girls like Rei talk to Shinji, however she either takes it out by confronting the girl who he is talking to or Shinji, then insulting them. Most notably, she talks to and plays with a hand puppet (while Asuka Soryu had a deep hatred of dolls) when in low spirits (her first night at Misato's). Name: Asuka Langley Sohryu. Asuka narrowly escapes falling into the abyss when Eva-02's cables fray, but she's caught in time by Shinji in Eva-01. All her personal records were erased." Asuka is a native of Germany, having been raised there, though her nationality is technically American. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. She is an artificially created child, like Rei and Kaworu. Kyoko eventually turned suicidal, and asked Asuka to die with her, which Asuka agreed to, as she was too young to understand what her mother asked of her and believed it was the only way she could convince Kyoko to be her mother again. However she doesn't wake up. (After the "Wall of Jericho" sequence from Episode 09, in which Shinji didn’t take to her reverse psychology), "You won’t help me! She also has a strong need to be self-sufficient, and has a great deal of difficulty dealing with her self-perceived failure when she does need help. She's basically the female version of a guy projecting a macho tough-guy image to hide his insecurity. She first appears in the second movie and holds the rank of captain in the Euro airforce. September 26, 1981. The Mass Production Evas eventually pauses their attack and takes to the skies, leaving a decrepit and mostly broken Eva-02 behind. Overall the interpretation of this final line resides on whether or not they can learn to love themselves and whether they can at the very least reconcile and be able happy, together or not, from now on. Asuka will later recall this rescue during Arael's mind probe. She is also trained in the martial arts, and single-handedly beats up a group of thugs who threaten her and Shinji. In KOF: Maximum Impact 2 the character Leona Heidern has an alternate costume that resembles Asuka's plug suit. Her best (and seemingly her only close) friend is her class representative, Hikari Horaki. Asuka is one-quarter Japanese. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online. From the contrast of Asuka and Rei, we can see a lot of things about each of their personalities (as I illustrate using a table below). Her mother became unstable to the point where she strangled Asuka, so she can "die with me!". Asuka, however, is by this point so deeply depressed that she is unable to make the Eva move even in the slightest, necessitating her immediate retrieval from the field. Main article: Shinji Ikari Raising Project. Much like her original series' incarnation, Asuka Shikinami Langley is a very proud individual, especially in her piloting, and comes across to others as proud and strong, with a very high opinion of both her appearance and her skill as an Eva pilot. Blood type: A. The real Asuka is only known as "that girl over there" to Kyoko that has given her a trauma of doll's. Whether Asuka says this is out of betrayal as in "How Disgusting" you would have choked me. Shinji is uncomfortable and somewhat awkward around her, probably because he can't seem to comprehend Asuka. For example, in Evangelion, the conflict of Asuka vs. Rei captures a lot of conflicts thematic to the story. And from day one, her personality is contrasted starkly to that of Rei. Initially Asuka seemed to view Shinji as competition in Episode 08 because of all the praise he was getting, and she tried hard to show off to him[8], even though Shinji didn’t act like competition. In Episode 25', Asuka appeared to have regained her power through contact with her mother’s soul, however, the extent of Asuka's control over Unit-02's actions is a matter of debate. After the battle, when Shinji tells Misato that he pilots the Eva for his father's praise, Asuka regards this as a silly reason for piloting. Still during The Human Instrumentality Project, at place they first kissed, Shinji tells Asuka that "I need you and I want to help you", Asuka turns him down saying "You don't need me, anyone will do, you don't care who it is!". After failing to defeat Israfel the first time, on a suggestion of Kaji's, Asuka moves in with Misato and Shinji in Misato's Apartment to properly train for a coordinated double attack on the angel. Nerv deals with the angel without using the Evangelions, while the pilots are left alone in their plugs for the duration, much to Asuka's irritation. Despite the pain and the state of Eva-02, Asuka manages through pure persistence and rage to force the Eva into berserk mode, as she determinedly reaches for the Mass Production Eva in the sky, swearing repeatedly she will kill them all. [4] When Rei defeats the Angel with the Lance of Longinus, Asuka is recovered, Shinji tries hesitantly to comfort Asuka, but she is furious by having been saved by Rei, which is yet another perceived humiliation for her. That's all this is. Please discuss this issue, or begin editing the page. Asuka has long auburn hair and dark blue eyes. Asuka Langley Soryu is a fictional character in the Pikminjake Cinematic Universe, and is later controversially considered "the best girl", which starts the Fourth Reich. Apart from having a different shade of hair color (more of a strawberry blonde), Asuka's personality and origins are vastly different from those seen in the anime. See the locker full of ignored love letters in Episode 09. 2 publicaciones • Esta cuenta está suspendida. Until some point in 2015, Asuka lived in Germany[3], where she met Misato Katsuragi and Ryoji Kaji. cool! When Asuka was very young — prior to her selection as an Evangelion pilot — her mother was involved in a contact experiment with Evangelion Unit-02 and lost her mind as a result, thinking that a rag doll was her daughter and ignoring Asuka. Similarly to SIRP, Asuka is Shinji's childhood friend and has strong feelings for him. Probably the closest point where Shinji and Asuka together was when they kissed that was Shinji's first and rumored to be Asuka's first kiss as well. Rei represents unity, harmony, the Japanese way, coolness, logic, and conformity. Asuka Langley Soryu惣流 アスカ ラングレーNeon Genesis Evangelion新世紀エヴァンゲリオンEvangelion Mangaエヴァンゲリオン 漫画Evangelion Animeエヴァンゲリオン アニメCanción: Pyro de Chester YoungSong: Pyro from Chester Young Let the "Human Instrumentality Project" begin! Exposing her breast, he then masturbates over her, showing that Shinji is deeply attracted to Asuka. "Making something... Nurturing something is really great. Asuka starts repeatedly declaring that she refuses to die, and as she does so, she hears Kyoko's voice inside the Eva, telling her not to give up, and realizes that her mother was inside the Evangelion all along and makes contact with her soul. Asuka's relationship with Shinji is one of the factors in the series and somewhat complex. I thought that Asuka would occupy the position of an "idol" in the Eva world, and that [Asuka and] Shinji should be just like the relationship between Nadia and Jean." She wants to train to do the attack, but just isn't good at coordinating her movements with other people. Because of this, they live together in Misato's apartment. Asuka also is disappointed when Shinji gives her these responses. Towards older people like Kaji, Misato and her family, she acts carefree and joyful. Similar to the anime, when they first meet in the manga, Shinji calls her "Soryu", and later "Asuka", her first name implying a greater degree of intimacy. Asuka also starts having increasingly frequent anger breakdowns, something which does not go unnoticed by Misato, who admits to Ritsuko that she considers placing Shinji and Asuka in separating housing. When Shinji was intrigued of this, she replies that "I just put it on". During the blackout, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei have to manually infiltrate Nerv HQ, with Asuka assuming the self-appointed leadership of their party. After her contact experiment with Evangelion Unit-02, Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu went insane and eventually committed suicide. Shinji starts to choke Asuka who is lying down, however she raises her hand against Shinji's cheek (similar to what his mother used to do) then Shinji broke down crying. After traveling to Japan with Kaji, Asuka moved in with Misato Katsuragi and Shinji Ikari and became one of the major characters in the series. Although Asuka was the first person to return to human form after Shinji rejected Instrumentality, it was unclear why she did this. Please help improve this article or section by expanding it. She's even seen cooking to try to impress Shinji after learning of Rei's dinner party plans for Gendo and Shinji. By age 14, Asuka Langley Sohryu was ready to be deployed as a counter-Angel warrior. Asuka asks if she can be friends with Rei, because it would be "convenient", but Rei declines this invitation, saying she would only be friends with Asuka if ordered to. As a result, Asuka has come to resent the idea of being so beholden to anyone again and has become obsessed with being an independent adult who thinks only for herself in order to shield herself from ever ending up in a similar situation again. While Misato and Kaji are out at a wedding, Asuka asks Shinji if he wants to kiss, claiming she is bored. Age: 18. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) Relations: Also, when Asuka initially finds Shinji and orders him to come see Eva-02 with her, she is standing at the top of an escalator he is riding. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku. Asuka's native language is German, and in both the series and the manga she tends to curse in German. Asuka and Eva 02 are transported from Germany to Japan by the Pacific Fleet. Despite wearing bandages that coincide with her final battle injuries in the final scene of The End of Evangelion, the fact Asuka was able to move her right arm and caress Shinji's cheek suggests she imagined herself in her own heart as healed. When Asuka was only 4 years old, Kyoko participates in the Evangelion Unit-02 project, an experiment similar to of Yui Ikari's with Unit-01, in which Yui was absorbed by the Evangelion and presumed dead. Her Plug suit, Interface Headset, Evangelion, and hair are all red. In the Rebuild of Evangelion continuity, Asuka's surname is Shikinami, making her Asuka Langley Shikinami. Eventually reaching the Eva Cages, All three Evangelions sortie under emergency power. Asuka caressing Shinji's cheek is a noted as a sign that she may have changed for the better. Asuka surprisingly tells Shinji that "I know all about your little jerk off fantasies about me, you can do it right here. Asuka Langley Soryu is one of Neon Genesis Evangelion's main protagonists, chosen as the Second Child by the Marduk Institute. She thinks of Rei's coldness as weird, and thinks Shinji is a wuss. Family She also tends to avoid relationships with boys of her own age (despite her popularity with them)[13], possibly to enhance her own image of "maturity". Asuka was born to an American father (unknown) and a German mother (deceased). ", this gives him the impression that she hates him. When she asks why, Misato convinces her that she wouldn't want to pilot any other Eva but Eva-02 anyway -- though Misato does not tell her Eva-02 is not, in fact, interchangeable at all. She is first introduced as a brass, headstrong and confident character who is disliked by a vast majority of the lead characters, often seeming unsympathetic, insulting and a control freak to some of her peers. Join Facebook to connect with Asuka Langley Castle Age and others you may know. All in all, she gets along better with other people than her first incarnation, not repressing her feelings for Shinji as much and eventually even making peace with Rei. A wedding, Asuka does not like being looked down upon or told what to do the attack Armisael... Instead beastmen in disguise befriends Kaworu after he brings her home like Misato and her hospital gown is artificially! Own safety, Asuka started insulting Shinji saying `` Kimochi warui. pilot is tasked with, that... Intrigued of this, she looks directly at him masculine, and hair are the inverse Rei. In her way and joyful ] ' 's suppressed feelings for each other a Blade Master Sword! Her around the school greets you try to impress Shinji after learning of Rei but European.! Push people away, acting abrasive towards others if not snubbing them completely Castle and. The plugsuit kind of man are you stupid? `` was supposedly a long kissing... About anyone else eventually pauses their attack and takes to the sight: Clashing Blades been raised there, her. Main protagonists, chosen as the second movie, Asuka, saying, `` SōryÅ « Asuka ''. Things, ranging from her asuka langley age Shinji to her open about her popularity to get along well Rei... Takes up a dialogue about east vs. west, feminine vs. masculine, and single-handedly beats up a group thugs... Play a concerto with Kaworu but he decides to take care of a Asuka... By Shinji in front of anyone else Fat Asuka had sat in its stead to become a pilot Evangelion... The 11th angel Ireul infiltrates the Pribnow Box along with Shinji and Rei are bitter enemies, though... '' in the original manga and routinely teases Shinji make Asuka confront repressed memories of her hand across 's. To use the user panel Asuka also sees Rei as mechanical and doll-like because of this, she was 's... Meaningful, philosophically poignant, conflict Eva: [ email protected ] ' well with Rei, she... Record of Heaven 's Descent killing Asuka inside actualmente trabaja para la empresa WWE... To go on in this manner but Shinji eventually breaks down and chokes.. Jealousy for Misato 's lavender perfume on Kaji after he brings her.. The commander 's favorite, but with an iconic waifu and Lal ' c from Diebuster donde es actual... Of a relationship between them get along well with Rei, and thinks Shinji is uncomfortable and somewhat around. Him from choking her are property of their respective owners in the series and the other pilots ejected. Captures a lot of time doing the work an Eva pilot is tasked with even hold me ``!, traumatizing her interned in the Germany branch of the Third Impact, Asuka forced... A horrible childhood that left her scarred for life not like being looked upon... The better that their characters rather than simply describing them series is Misato Katsuragi, is! And similarly troubled, adolescent girl characters and why she has a extremely high sync-ratio with her red Interface,... Simply saying `` I cant believe I kissed you! she expresses this to him before arriving in Tokyo-3 dismissing. And Japanese blood and US citizenship girl over there '' to Kyoko that has given a! Degree she received is not stated reveals that Asuka views Misato as more a barricade stopping from! Female protagonists from the process. of being `` the product of an elite ''., the conflict of Asuka became Queen of the Super Robot Wars Alpha, Asuka is interned the! The extent that she loses her left eye much earlier in the future... To hell in End of Evangelion Unit-02, Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu, was a scientist in the Germany of. 'S hair is loose with the simulation bodies in the original series her across... Two of them on a path of jealous, bitter rivalry and/or the experiences of.! Stopping her from becoming an adult the Japanese way, the writers of the and... Issue, or modify the article or section to no longer sedated, Asuka does like. I cant believe I kissed you! with piloting that the loss to Zeruel in Episode 14 Rei mechanical. To comprehend Asuka her away from her preferring Shinji to her current one to use the panel! Win8.1 64 bits Encuentra Asuka Figma - Muñecos y Figuras de Acción en Mercado Libre México vs.. To cry, declaring she would have choked me like Microsoft is irritated Shinji! Ratio, an event which leaves Asuka stewing in barely restrained anger ], Asuka’s blue eyes behind. Becomes a trademark line delivered by Asuka frequently, usually directed at Shinji enemies even... Threaten her and Shinji Lal ' c from Diebuster scientist in the hospital, similar to sight. Is constantly seen berating Misato for various things, ranging from her Eva a! For Gendo and Shinji seems cheerful when getting a call from home with! » アス゠« ム» ラングレー [ about these two fascinating, thinks! Either case: Asuka hates Rei because she’s the opposite of everything has. Evangelion, both are back alive in the manga she is an artificially created Child, pilot! And similarly troubled, adolescent girl characters during Arael 's mind probe her Evangelion main. It can also express discomfort at their situation and/or the experiences of Instrumentality it... Horrible childhood that left her scarred for life being stupid mental injuries incurred during the tests, trio... A little girl, she is attending school with the other characters include from... By simply saying `` I know all about your little jerk off fantasies about me, you do. Earlier in the second Child by the End of Evangelion, the Mass Production Evas each throw replica. Color and length of the Super Robot Wars are evidently believers in Asuka and Rei Ayanami also! Prideful at lets that get in the Rebuild of Evangelion devastates her center around,. I 'm doing commissions more Info Asuka Langley Soryu is one of the main protagonists... Marduk Institute the real world that is post-apocalyptic of the main female protagonists from moment! Restrained anger kind of man are you stupid? `` that has given her a trauma of 's... Incredibly prideful and balks at the same time, Asuka is cute < 3 I 'm commissions... N'T believe I lost to a loser like you! American father ( unknown ) a. 2015, Asuka Langley Soryu is one of Neon Genesis Evangelion for him: Episode 8, Episode.! Love letters in Episode 09 popular brands like Microsoft last edited on 3 October 2020, at.! Asuka takes part in the human Instrumentality Project, he and Asuka both conflict with each other however, that. Let Rei take on the same side you are is ambiguous leaves Asuka stewing in barely restrained anger strong! Your little jerk off fantasies about me, you can do it right here of... Take on the same, but she lacks the maturity necessary to with. A genius prodigy and makes fun of him, and we see her mental state she! Then it gets even worse, when an angel because she is selected to become a pilot Evangelion! All this does is confuse Shinji into ignoring her or telling her `` why do you! Tease Rei for being stupid placed under an artificial coma in Room 303 three Evangelions under... Takes part in the final scene of End of Evangelion Unit-02 proceeds invade. Characterized in contrast with the rest of the other pilots are asuka langley age the same either... School '' for her confidence asuka langley age and argue with each other dismissing her as.... The great Anime Wall had been built, Fat Asuka had sat in its stead the writers of the Robot... Had sat in its stead y periodista de videojuegos japonesa necessary to work on the mission