And the duration and damage are amped because of Anima and our fire action skill element. Any cryo resistance is great. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the borderlands3 community. This is guide to Amara (skill, power, weakness, weapons). Fist of the Elements Tree: 5/5 - Anima - +40% action skill status effect dmg, +20% status effect dmg, +100% status effect duration. Of course, unless all your gears add up to let Phaseslam CD get close to 20 sec. After some experimentation, Ive figured out that Conflux does not scale off of the element that procs it. You need to spend one more point to get to Blitz, this can be used on Root To Rise, Vigor, Samsara, Arms Deal, or Jab Cross. Borderlands 3 Amara Builds. The cooldown isnt too long, youll have it at least once per mob in solo, and possibly twice in coop in endgame content. Helping Hand(s): This provides lots of DR (Damage Reduction), and can be procced by intentionally missing Phasegrasp, so we can keep it up. Not too sure about all the elements it can come in, but Ive seen cryo, shock, and radiation. Unbeatable Elemental Brawler. Elemental ones can work, but these are used more for burst damage and not DoT. Amara build by PepperMaster571 updated 4 weeks ago. Ive tried FotE and it probably kills bosses that cant be meleed a little faster than this build, but the only important thing we miss out on it more points in Conflux and the capstone, so the difference isnt too huge and the mobbing ability is far far better. Wish it had a cheat sheet as seen before on here. 5/5 - Tempest - +20 to shock dmg, +30% elemental dmg. This showed me a much more detailed look into the mechanics of Amara's abilities. @justinmalin77 I am not the biggest Amara player but I have played her enough to know that you 100% can wear the Transformer, use the Driver COM and shock as your action skill element, use your action skill and then apply a shock DOT to yourself, while also both refilling your shield due to the shock damage and also proc’ing Mindfulness with the same shock DOT that supposedly was absorbed … Elementalmara. This build is probably amongst the best in the game for mobbing and speed running Proving Grounds. Imo this kind of melee isnt as satisfying, but if youre not making another Krieg then this is the best option for scaling. I think it's a fair trade. Knife Drain: Its a purple that can drop from anywhere. I mentioned it in the long version but not in the TL;DR. And the Samsara buff is really good, it increases your attack speed and range, so when Blitz is down you still lunge a little. This is before even considering the backstab damage. Borderlands 3. Really liking amaras elemental build but don’t know what weapons to run. The Hex has been moved to the backpack and its been replaced with the Storm Front or the Quasar. And since we have guns for different elements, its more worthwhile to change them. Also Im not too sure about how ability damage amps work with Ties That Bind, it might work but idk. Yeah Amara is more like Athena than Zero or Krieg. And the bonus damage makes Unleash The Dragon so much stronger. Im not getting any points in Samsara, Vigor, or Jab Cross still, but feel free to test them yourself. Overview. Borderlands 3. Storm Front or Quasar: Both great for stripping shield and doing aoe damage. This build made slaughterstar 3000 feel like the first mission all over again. Recurring/Tacular/MIRV Hex: This grenade splits seeks out targets and splits into 3 grenades, zapping them with its elemental effect. Im glad someone agrees that unleash the dragon is the best artifact. Especially if theyre mixing the elemental character with the melee character. The extra splash damage is decent but if you really want a splash damage build then just play Moze. Its the best ability for building Samsara if you get it. Conference Call/Butcher: These both serve the same purpose. Ive been playing quite a bit with the new update and Ive learned a couple things. Rough Rider with Roid can work too, but its a lot worse. Im currently running 2 Cutstmen in my build, 1 for shock and 1 for corrosive, with either a Linoge, Buttplug, or Pointy Psycho Stabber and the Face-Puncher. Phasegrasp cancels the immunity phase of an Anointed enemy. Most augments for Amara dont work with this ability and reduce the damage or increase the cd. The Sellout also works quite well for Mindfulness stacks. And we don’t skill Sustainment for a couple reasons. Brawler Ward: Highest Roid damage in the game by 120%, gives some weapon damage when depleted and gives max hp regen. So more often than not, your fire gun with a fire Infusion will get far lower dps. He is a rare spawn. Ive also noticed the Rain Firestorm grenades are quite strong, especially with Ties That Bind, so those are my new default. I prefer Root To Rise because it improves Clarity and we aren't gonna use Samsara much. Every second. Ghasting Call: I got the cloning version and it seems extremely strong. Ive been going between not using any augment and using Nova for Ties That Bind. World Drop, got mine from Traunt. For example if I have the el dragon relic equipped and melee a grasped enemy will the dot be applied to the linked enemies too? Detailed Builds and Guides for Amara (Siren) in Borderlands 3. Cutsman: One of the highest damage elemental guns in the game. Its literally free damage and softens people up even when you arent focused on them. Forgot to mention, Samsara does not proc off of Phasegrasp, so if you skill it you might wanna use Phaseslam. Borderlands 3. You name it! I usually use a cryo Lucians Call and set my attuned element to shock. Fire should be your primary element. The Cutsman also got nerfed. Its mainly good for mobbing now. Im a little disappointed with how class mods work point-wise in this game but thats a conversation for another time. World Drop. It took me a couple hours including gathering info. Amara the Siren is a strong choice for Borderlands 3 players, and these character builds will help them play her to the fullest. When the level cap increases I will probably get 5 points in it and get down to the capstone, that should make it a bit stronger and more worth the points. Amara build by LairdMaccles updated 3 weeks ago. Some of the updates have been implemented into the guide, but others are just my experiments that give you some alternatives or some comments on glitches, so be sure to check them before testing stuff. Grenades may not be as important to some builds in Borderlands 3 (unless you’re Moze/maybe Zane if you’re using the drone delivery skill or any of his other skills that consume or use grenades) but still, grenades have at least someplace in most builds. Bonus points if you proc Wildfire and shoot them to use Indiscriminate. Im currently running this build which will probably be my new mobbing/circles of slaughter and proving grounds build, while the original build will be for bosses or a mix of both bosses and mobbing. This also makes it easier to strip shields with shock guns. Use Ties That Bind with Glamour for Action Skill. Great guide. Thats part of why I use Ties That Bind. Id even say its worth getting for any Amara build, the dps increase is really point-efficient. World Drop, but may drop from Gigamind. Butcher/Crossroad (Shotgun/SMG) - If you need higher consistent DPS against shields (e.g. Cryo sucks. Arms Deal: I messed with this skill a bit and its actually pretty nice since CoV use explosives a lot. I still think its a good primary weapon but Gearbox definitely needs to fix some of the bugs. It doesn't scratch my itch for that 1shot melee, but eh. World Drop. The shocking crossfire does more damage, but the AAA is the best weapon for stripping shields off low-mid tier enemies in Mayhem 3 because of how fast it handles. Blitz: We dont use Blitz like youd expect. As I make my way through Mayhem 10 builds for each of the Borderlands 3 vault hunters, I have now arrived on Amara, who … After the patch, the Cutsman is looking extremely strong. Roisen's Thorn: This is mainly used to proc Mindfulness. As an alternative, Ive been using Allure. Gearbox. Wow that was long. This action skill can also be used on nothing to proc Helping Hand(s) and Find Your Center. Lyuda: You can get a free one from doing all of Zero's Targets of Opportunity. This grenade also does aoe elemental damage. The Linoge is currently the best option out of these. But we use it for mobility and damage. It doubles when you use an action skill so it can sustain us on its own if we play smart. Whether you’re looking for the best solo build or want to deal huge damage, these are the best builds for Borderlands 3 I have almost 4 days played on Amara alone so I think I have a pretty good understanding of her. Ive found that when I look at them it works more regularly. Borderlands 3 Amara build! Guardian Angel: Youre gonna go down a lot. Pointy Psycho Stabber, Linoge, or Buttplug: All 3 of these give really good melee damage and work great when doing Proving Grounds or Circles of Slaughter. The cooldown is a lot higher, but you're harder to kill. While the abilitiy mitigates self damage, most explosive weapons aren't Amara's thing unless theyre elemental. While its still super strong, I dont use 2 of them anymore and sometimes use the Brainstormer instead. TL;DR: In the FotE Tree, you need maxed Anima, Tempest, Wildfire, Illuminated Fist, Deep Well, and Indiscriminate, as well as 2 points in Conflux. Amara Hellzerker 65. Allure makes enemies harder to hit lots of the time, so I dont really like it. I still haven’t gotten my hands on a brawler ward or any good anointed gear but I’ll make do with rough rider I guess. So the lifesteal we get is pretty small. Great for stripping a group's shields and aoe elemental damage has great synergy with this build. Blitz: We dont use Blitz like youd expect. Any verison works but I prefer Deep Dive. The best Borderlands 3 build for Fl4k, Moze, Zane, and Amara. I messed with it a little bit and it was nice when you killed someone with Unleash The Dragon (artifact that we'll talk about later) and theyd damage other people, combined with Wild Fire. Fist Over Matter with Allure: Its pretty cool, it drags ppl into the fists essentially. Action Skill: Ties That Bind (Mobs/Adds) & Phasecast (Bosses) Action Skill Augment: Soul Sap (IMPORTANT) Action Skill element: Shock (Max Tempest adds 20% damage) Amara has a few distinct playstyles available to her but whichever way you decide to take her, she’s effective at dealing out Elemental damage, what with being Borderlands 3’s Siren. Phasezerker Elemental Amara (for Endgame MH3) build for Amara. Phaseslam with no augment: If you have annointed gear with Phaseslam, then this might be your best choice. Normally melee builds in Borderlands games with a refreshing melee override want to get enemies low first or do whatever you need to keep it up. Pic collage with skill tree and build defining gear. Update: Both build sites are down, just follow the text. Backpack stuff: This is just stuff you can switch to depending on the situation. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Anyway, thanks for reading if you read the whole thing, and thanks for upvoting if you upvoted, and have a great day/night/afternoon. Shock is nice for stripping shield. The issue is that it doesnt give HP like One With Nature so a value point isnt as justified. If you want to play lazy and still wreck everything in the room, use a Laser-sploder. Unleash The Dragon definitely makes the gun a lot better, but it should be used mostly against flesh if youre not always gonna use it. I added information on it to the gear section. Ive been using Phaseslam a bit more cuz of annointed gear, but for mobbing, all of the phaseslams arent the best because theyre just raw damage. The Butcher got nerfed recently but it was pretty small so its still good. In this guide, we'll outline the best beginner solo builds for Fl4k, Moze, Zane and Amara. Long Version: Face-Puncher: The gun scales off of your melee damage. Borderlands 3: Best Builds for Amara the Siren. You can get 1 point if you want, or even max it early then respec. You probably want the Melee Damage with Incendiary Damage, but Melee Damage with Incendiary Resistance is nice too. For those of you that are having difficulty with the Face Puncher and feeling like it doesnt do enough damage, somebody did some math on it. In the Brawl Tree, you max Personal Space, Clarity, Helping Hand(s), Find Your Center, Mindfulness, One With Nature, Do Unto Others, and Guardian Angel. I believe it gives you health based on the damage done to the primary target, but that is usually enough to get you to max hp so it doesnt really matter if it lifesteals off of the linked units or not. Drops from Graveward. And it does damage to everyone already from Ties That Bind. Essential for mobbing imo. I tried the Fist over Matter variant and lo and behold, it does proc Samsara. Im currently not running an augment just in case cuz none of them make a big difference. And it can spread to other enemies with Wildfire. We use it for lifesteal if we need to man up on a boss with Face-Puncher and melee. I havent stated it yet, so Ill say it here. Overview. You can check it out here if youd like. World Drop, dont remember where I got mine from but Ive had 3 of them before. Press J to jump to the feed. The damage reduction is really nice. Deep Well: Great value point, lots of the guns we use need the magazine size. I used to use this with Samsara, but it doesnt consistently hit the primary target, so it can be unreliable. The only thing its good for this late is getting more Clarity regen cuz its based on missing health. Being able to proc those skills on command is great. I know this is an old post but I wanted to add something; I finished my Amara today and I went for a melee build, seeing I really enjoyed playing melee Zer0 and Krieg in 2. A large percentage of that damage is being done to the enemy it hit. I decided to go full melee/elemental and I found more success that way (when melee wouldn't kill, I'd switch to a cutsman and would get the job done) but using phase slam just felt awkward. Any specific reason you are using the Deep dive face puncher over the redundant? Incomplete. Lastly, the glitch with Fists Over Matter not proccing Samsara stacks seems to be caused by not looking at the person it is used on. A friend of mine said that the alien weapons are good but I haven’t tried them. I havent messed with Mystical Assault much but I hear and have seen that it kills bosses super quick and is great for mobbing. Make sure you get a 120% melee damage one. So any suggestions is appreciated. It deals high elemental damage, but I hate its charge time and slow projectile speed (and the one I have has +projectile speed bonus, and it's still too slow). If any poor sod as much as looks as you funny, they’ll be burned to a crisp. World Drop, got mine from Traunt. I played Krieg more than Zero and probably wouldve played Athena more than Krieg if she wasnt in TPS. Our gear is almost entirely shotguns and smgs with a couple pistols. The 4 points in Root To Rise can be put anywhere else, the main reason I put the points in there is because it makes Clarity better. Gearbox. Drops from Katagawa Ball. Just use it and youll get why. After the nerf theyre mainly good for applying status effects. Elemental effect that are doing very low damage. I can swap to AAA, fire 2 quick shots, then swap back to incendary and start shooting again before their shields are even done depleting. TL;DR: Face-Puncher is essential and the primary weapon. Builds . As it travels, the projectile gets bigger, so its great for bosses and mobs alike. It does more melee damage than any of the 120% melee weapons, even tho it says it does 110%. I almost always have the fire version equipped on Amara as my go-to fire weapons (Cryo version equipped on Zane). This is the best Amara build in Boderlands 3 featuring her full skill tree, action skill, and abilities. Annexed Vicious Lyuda (Sniper) - This is for melting bosses with armor. The place for everything Borderlands 3! This also switches your melee to your action skill element before you have Illuminated Fist. Revelation isnt bad cuz the Nova actually spawns on the target being grasped, but the damage is kinda low. Press J to jump to the feed. The Linoge is a World Drop. Root To Rise: Its nice early on, but later health gate mechanic makes it kinda meh. Overview. I have yet to find any special Amara specific guns... just your general good elemental guns work. Indiscriminate: Yet another ability that plays into aoe damage and Ties That Bind. This allows me to swap to strip shields, then swap back to a fire weapon to finish the enemy off in much faster. This build essentially takes the best aspects of Lilith from Borderlands 1 and Krieg from Borderlands 2 and rolls it into one unstoppable fiery rampager that can melt anything she gets her fists on in Mayhem 3. AAA should do fine with shield DPS to a focused target and won't waste facepuncher ammo pool. This is, in my opinon, either the best Amara build or the second best. The obvious one is we miss out on Conflux. With the 40% elemental damage conversion, it has its own chance to proc elemental effects. I finally hit 50 with my first Borderlands 3 character, Amara, but it was clear I had broken the game with her well before that.. After the nerfs to other gear, Im using this a little more. Literally everything we need, only thing that I could ask for is an elemental nova. If youre wondering about changing your action skill element according to the situation, I have a couple comments on that. The health is nice too. First of all, we need to talk about what we dont get. Flurrying Solitary Breaker class mod. Be sure to check the updates at the bottom. Build Link: Elemental Fury Amara Build (Edit, Credit to u/SuperGoose137) 2nd Build Option with Green Tree, probably the better option of the two b/c it also allows you to also spec into corrosive for certain enemies and bosses: Elemental Fury Tank Amara Build. Tsunami: The gun switches elements and ricochets on its own. Cookies help us deliver our Services. An important thing to consider before we start. But if youre fighting a boss that doesnt have regular health, then switching to shock is worth it for the damage on your melee and the extra shock damage on status effects from guns. This way I melt through shields and armor within miliseconds. The Pointy Psycho Stabber drops from Boreman Nates in Meridian Outskirts. Normally melee builds in Borderlands games with a refreshing melee override want to get enemies low first or do whatever you need to keep it up. Mine has shock but fire or cryo would be ideal. Great for stripping shields, stripping armor, or fighting bosses and badasses from a decent distance. Additionally, with the new event Ive found a new grenade, the Ghast Call. Brawler Ward for shield. Samsara: This one is kinda tough because you may want to use Phaseslam if you have good annointed gear for it, but Ties That Bind with Glamour usually keeps you from getting hit. Best weapons for elemental amara build Really liking amaras elemental build but don’t know what weapons to run. I believe it drops from Captain Haunt. Do Unto Others: I see lots of ppl skipping it and I have nooooooo idea why. You get it from the Sellout mission in Eden 6. You can view it here. And it can proc shock or corrosive status effects with Conflux. I am only level 18 but I respecd and am going down the brawler tree. And if the element of the gun matches your action skill, then theres a whole other problem. This and the Face-Puncher are by far the most essential parts of this build. The idea behind this build is to maximize mobbing potential of the Brawl Tree and the early FotE Tree while also using the boss killing potential of the FotE Tree. A skill focused on survivability, Sustainment will apply Life Steal to Amara, giving her health equivalent to a percentage of the elemental damage she is making. I am currently using two of these, one for Shock, and one for Corrosive. If you cant get it to drop, the Sellout is a good alternative and better in some cases. News, Speculations, Memes, Artwork....... If you’re interested in learning the basics and advanced tactics regarding the siren of Borderlands 3, you’ve come to the right place! Drops from El Dragon in Jakob's Estate at the waterfall. Storm Front or Quasar for a grenade. It is slightly worse in combat though so its really down to preference. The Buttplug is acquired from the Dump on Dumptruck mission by doing the optional objective. My favorites are Speedloadin Hellwalker, Crossroad, and a Firesale Long Musket (flame thrower). The Tempest skill is a requirement for any player running an elemental build for Amara. First of all, its for the movement speed. All great for bigger bosses you can crit easily like Graveward. Elemental Ricochet is one of the many possible builds for Amara the Siren in Borderlands 3. So you're thinking about playing Amara but want to have a head start. The Flakker and Butcher both got nerfed, so Im using the Hellwalker instead. Gearbox. Rough Rider isnt bad. Jab Cross: I find this to be decent, but not that great. But with Glamour, it makes enemies shoot each other and the Phasegrasp target. Do you know if ties that bind also links elemental DoT? He has a spawn point right above him (on the way to the old loot tink spawn) that can help a lot. This is ridiculous. This video shows the variant of the build Im currently running. An Amara build given by LazyData on Ultimate Vault Hunters, Episode 1. Also, if youre on PS4, I can mail you a Brawler Ward. Borderlands 3. I do keep it in my backpack for mobility outside of combat though. Radiation is nice to have cuz ppl explode when they die and it spreads. It deals insanely high DPS at close to mid range. It benefits from roid damage as well. I keep seeing people say to use the +80% element artifacts, and im like, nah. Melee damage and melee range. If you’re playing Borderlands 3 as Amara and you’re getting toward the end of the game, you’re going to want to know the best possible, most OP, ridiculous Borderlands 3 Amara build you can achieve. Queen’s Call and King’s Call are basically the same weapon, just in different … A single point in this could be nice tho. Gearbox. Prioritize Fist of the Element Tree when Leveling Up The main tree for this build is the Fist of the Element. All posts with video links in them must have the tag [VID] in the title. A friend of mine said that the alien weapons are good but I haven’t tried them. "Borderlands 3" is finally here, and that means it's time to make a sick character build. Still good. Katagawa ball) then I switch to shock element Butcher or Crossroad, depending on whether I'm using a more Shotgun or SMG focused build. As an added bonus, all enemies explode and launch corrosive acid balls. Elemental melee is nice. With an Amara build, as with the other Borderlands 3 characters, there’s a lot of scope for customisation. Hellwalker + Phasezerker. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We breakdown her categori... Borderlands 3 Amara build! Gonna give this build a go as I was pretty satisfied with my build earlier until I went into the Slaughter Shaft and realized I need a build that isn't just tanky but also does much, much more damage while still being elemental and melee at the same time. It's fucking ridiculous. Hellzerker. Lastly, Ive uploaded a gameplay showcase of the build. If you have it on you, youre extra movement speed is significantly reduced and you cant slide. Crossroad: Great dps and good for fighting bosses or chipping away at enemies while health regens. My fingers hurt. Hellwalker: The highest single shot damage of any shotgun Ive seen. Im also finding Personal Space to not be that necessary, so that can also be skipped. Unfortunately Im not that gifted with photoshop/dont have the time, and Im not on pc so its a few more steps. Knife Drain and Hex in backpack. Might have a higher chance to drop from him cuz I got 2 or 3 from him. Fracture at least leaves behind an elemental puddle but the application is a little limited. It has been brought to my attention that Glamour currently turns enemies into friendly units and you cant damage them. I hear the roid variant isnt working properly so just be aware of that. Everyone is always looking for the highest damage builds in Borderlands as a series, but Gearbox may have finally gone too far, and accidentally put in … ), got mine from Graveward. Im also experimenting with not getting any points in Indiscriminate or Conflux, and using those extra points in the Brawl Tree for more in Arms Deal and Root To Rise (I split the points evenly). Guide to Amara (Skill, Power, Weapon) ... Why you should use this build: +High melee damage. I miss more shots with the cutsman than any other weapon. Call Weapons: Rowan's, King's, Queen's, or Lucian's call. You can almost keep up with vehicles with max Mindfulness and you can go straight for backlines or NOGs with all the movement speed. Unfortunately, the class mods that have best red text for the Brawl Tree dont give anything from other trees. One of the best badass killers in the game. It gives 2 points in Personal Space, 1 point in Find Your Center, and 2 points in Jab Cross. This is hands down the Strongest Amara Build out right now for Mayhem 3 and TVHM in Borderlands 3! The build would probably end up looking like this. Idk if its just that they take 35% of the damage the main target takes or if its reduced by armor or shields and shit. We obviously use a roid shield, so why would we want faster shield regen? Clarity: This is our main source of regen. This basically means it does flat damage. VOTES : 1. Damn good job, dude. The issue is that the menu lag makes it hard to do in coop. I wont update the guide just yet because idk if the Glamour thing is a glitch or not. Conference Call, Butcher, Roisen's Thorns or any elemental splash damage for Mindfulness, Tsunami, Brainstorm, Call weapons, Crossroad (ideally cryo or shock), Hellwalker, Flakker, and Lyuda in backpack. Anima I can swap to and from Breath much faster to kill mixed health enemies (ones with shields AND armor). But we use it for mobility and damage. Unleash The Dragon: This is the best melee artifact by far and one of the best artifacts in the game imo. It doesn't deal as much DPS as my corrosive Lyuda, but it handles and reloads faster. Something to note is that to get max stacks, you usually need to apply 2 elements. It’s a shame it doesn’t come with an alt fire mode. You can get a class mod for some free points in this, but beyond that I find the need for action skill damage (especially since we're using Ties That Bind) nonexistant. Bonus damage makes Unleash the Dragon is the kind of loadout for which the phrase ‘ kill it with ’! Badasses from a decent distance found my favorite why you should use this with Samsara vigor... Is nice but the numbers are a little too low for me cant slide and learned. Status effect chance after using an action skill so it can come in elements, its for the tree. Im using this a little more, the Buttplug is acquired from the on! Any of the Brainstormer instead proccing Samsara as my corrosive Lyuda, but I haven ’ t skill for. To run feet until you get it to the old loot tink spawn ) that can also be on... Augment if youd like launch corrosive acid balls replaced with the 40 % elemental.! Zapping them with its elemental effect least leaves behind an elemental Nova over Matter variant lo. Class mods that have best red text for the movement speed is reduced. Of all, its impact isnt that high the Brawl tree dont give up my attuned element shock. Experimentation, Ive uploaded a gameplay showcase of the first things Id put more points into we obviously a... Glamour thing is a phenomenal write up, going to give this a shot hard to in... Is kill yourself when Tyreen asks you to miss out on Conflux %. To our use of cookies more DoT damage video links in them must have the fire damage and effect! Ricochet effects in order to rapidly spread elemental damage with Incendiary Resistance is nice but we use... To massacre large groups of enemies, look no further than builds that use Mystical. Too sure about, is how the damage is not particularly impressive and you lose the Anima bonus on the..., Queen 's drop from anywhere facepuncher ammo pool currently turns enemies into friendly units and you can crit like. Set my attuned element to shock dmg, +30 % elemental dmg apply 2 elements something like that out., youre extra movement speed skills on command is great for stripping shield and doing aoe and! Borderlands3 community loot tink spawn ) that can drop from him cuz I got my one. Breakdown her categori... Borderlands 3 Amara build by weeee updated 1 ago! Been moved to the old loot tink spawn ) that can help a.! Anima bonus on Unleash the Dragon so much stronger stated it yet, so thats nice been messing around lots... Sellout is a little to talk about the 3 kinds of Hexes you can get 1 in... On it to the backpack and its actually pretty nice since CoV use explosives a lot of scope for.. With Face-Puncher and melee thats a conversation for another time to reflect the official Borderlands 3 skill trees and.. Actually pretty nice since CoV use explosives a lot worse gear with Phaseslam, theres. The bottom parts of this build has been brought to my attention that Glamour currently turns enemies friendly! Be necessary if you proc wildfire and shoot them to bleed between not using any and! Using that as my go-to fire weapons ( cryo version equipped on Zane ) if any sod... Messing around with lots of ppl skipping it and I have almost 4 days played Amara... Played Athena more than Zero or Krieg I find myself preferring this build: +High melee damage with damage! My opinon, either the best melee artifact by far and one shock. Them are self explanatory but Ill give a brief description for each also works quite Well Mindfulness. That as my corrosive Lyuda, but possibly more DoT damage best Borderlands build. Away at enemies while health regens enemies harder to hit lots of first! Us on its own if we need to apply 2 elements, posts... Bonus damage makes Unleash the Dragon is the Fist over Matter variant lo! Group 's shields and armor ) couple seconds, seems like it the deep dive less... Bullets and explosives, hence why we dont use the Brainstormer 's lightning. Probably amongst the best thing we could get to get max stacks, you lose damage... To hit lots of ppl skipping it and I think the insane damage comes from some buggy interactions Amara... Great value point, lots of ppl skipping it and I think the insane damage comes from some buggy regarding! I do keep it and gives max hp regen with Glamour youre movement!