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Artsakh Development

We focused on fostering a big leap in population growth in the region, and are now exploring platforms in Artsakh that will help the country achieve sustainable development stemming from its cultural and natural heritage.

Public Reports

As an evolving territory with significant geopolitical challenges, the stimulation of Artsakh’s economy, the enhancement of its heritage, and the development of human capital are more important now than ever. Fundamental to this is the growth of the population, which IDeA has helped to support through contributions to family and couple creation. In 2013, we helped bring about the Artsakh wedding, in which 700 couples were married on one day.

With an indigenous and unique history, culture, and land, Artsakh has the potential to become more globally relevant as a country; one that represents modernism within the context of a rich and worldly heritage. IDeA is evaluating several components of a development program for their feasibility:

Shushi-Stepanakert Aerial Tramway
This project aims to improve the transport infrastructure by providing a modern tourism and transportation vehicle between the two cities.

Holy Mother of God Church Restoration Project
Holy Mother of God Church Restoration Project in the village of Mushkapat aims to preserve and enhance the historical and architectural heritage of the region. The project includes the restoration of a 17th century church which is projected to become a success model of restoration operations in the region. During the project implementation, the landscaping of area, adjacent to the church, was also redone, allowing the area to become a place of gatherings and events for the residents of Mushkapat and the nearby villages. Nowadays the newly restored church keeps its doors open for locals and tourists, becoming a new religious destination.

Mosque Restoration
In addition to renovating the Upper Mosque, construction of a cultural-museum center using architectural revival standards is being considered given the historical relevance as part of Old Shushi.

Eco Village Project
Focused on the agricultural richness of the area, the development of an eco-village in the Askeran Region has the potential to attract local, national and international tourists while bringing economic prosperity to the region through the demand for tourism and creation of social and cultural structures. Included in the Eco-Village would be an agricultural vocational school and an eco-model farm.

As a first step, IDeA has embarked on various philanthropic initiatives to bring the community together around cultural and educational projects. This includes such events as the 100 Paintings exhibition in Shushi.