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Artsakh Development

We focused on fostering a big leap in population growth in the region, and are now exploring platforms in Artsakh that will help the country achieve sustainable development stemming from its cultural and natural heritage.

Public Reports

The Artsakh Development Program is directed towards achieving sustainable development in the region stemming from its cultural and natural heritage and fostering a big leap in population growth. As an evolving territory with significant geopolitical challenges, the stimulation of Artsakh’s economy, the enhancement of its heritage, and the development of human capital are more important now than ever.

IDeA has helped by providing a financial allowance to young couples with newborn children. In 2008, we helped to bring about a real wedding marathon, when 700 couples were married on one day. Within 5 years, about 1 100 children were born into these families.

Another successful project implemented by IDeA Foundation in Artsakh is the restoration of the 17th century Holy Mother of God church in the village of Mushkapat. The project was initiated by a third-party Donor who used IDeA as a platform to carry out the project. The newly restored church opened its doors for locals and tourists in May 2017.

In cooperation with the Government of Artsakh, IDeA Foundation is now carrying out the restoration of Gоhar Agha Juma Mosque in Shushi. The project is designed to preserve and enhance the historical and architectural heritage of the town, as well as develop the territory adjacent to the Mosque. Restoration works are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.

Among the new ideas under development, IDeA is now working on the concept of a ropeway connecting Stepanakert and Shushi, the capital and the cultural center of Artsakh, which will play an important role in the modernization of the region’s transport system and become a new attraction for locals and tourists.