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Dilijan Development

Dilijan has the potential to become the most prosperous region in Armenia. Our projects here are aimed at transforming Dilijan into a center of culture, education, healthcare and tourism.

Public Reports

IDeA, Scholae Mundi Foundation, and Dilijan Development Foundation are working together to promote the region’s development. Since 2010, these foundations have invested over $200 million in Dilijan.

The anchor project is UWC Dilijan – the first international boarding school working to the United World Colleges model in the post-Soviet space. It opened in 2014, and currently has 210 students from over 80 countries. 96% of students are awarded a full or partial scholarship. UWC Dilijan is a community working towards a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world through a balanced, challenging and transformative education with people from diverse backgrounds. The school plays a vital role in the development of Dilijan, it boosts the region’s economic development and is a key employer, providing local residents with jobs. The school has been awarded several prestigious awards for its construction and design including the BREEAM certification, the world’s leading recognition of sustainability.

The Dilijan Community Center, opened in 2014, plays a key role in facilitating educational, cultural and social projects. The work of the center has made it possible for over 1,000 community members to enroll on language courses, and about 3,000 children to take part in sports and educational programs. It ran more than 40 social projects and 80 open events engaging over 11 thousand people.

JUST DILIJAN IT! is the first international summer camp in Armenia for kids aged 6 – 16 years and their parents. It has been running in the grounds of the UWC Dilijan boarding school since 2013. The specially designed edutainment program in a unique environment provides the perfect balance of leisure and development, fun exploration and the chance to make friends with children from all over the world. The camp is organized by the Scholae Mundi Armenia foundation, the institution that founded UWC Dilijan. To learn more about the project, please visit the JUST DILIJAN IT! page.

Dilijan is now part of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities thanks to UWC Dilijan and other schools, as well as the efforts by the Dilijan Community Center. In October 2016, UNESCO released its Global Report on Culture for Sustainable Urban Development, which put Dilijan forward as a recognizable example of sustainable development, with the opening of UWC Dilijan acknowledged as the main driving force behind this process.

In 2017, the IDeA Foundation together with European Union and other partners launched Dilijan and Adjacent Communities Development Initiative as part of the Pilot Regional Development Program. At least 330 people and 120 enterprises will benefit from the two-year project. Capacity building activities are organized for them to develop tourism and hospitality in Dilijan and adjacent communities as well as contribute to elimination of unemployment in Tavush province. The project will create 50 direct employment opportunities.

Thanks to the project, the first Tourist Information Center in Tavush Province was built and launched in Dilijan in August 2018. One of its main goals is making Dilijan National Park and the surrounding settlements a more attractive destination for tourists. The center also plans to become the main platform that coordinates the region’s tourism and recreation events and campaigns.

The program also envisages the following construction projects in Dilijan: a town market, an agricultural pavilion, and an art and handicraft center. The program will provide financial support to third parties in the form of sub grants that will be allocated to enterprises willing to create additional employment opportunities for residents of Dilijan and adjacent communities.

IDeA’s program saw Dilijan’s city park renovated, which had been neglected for many years. The park’s alleys and a playground have been improved, benches and trash cans installed, and the lighting for the park modernized.