What We Do

Dilijan Development

The region of Dilijan has the potential to be one of the most thriving within the country of Armenia. Our projects seek to turn Dilijan into a prosperous and impressive cultural, educational, and resort center.

Public Reports

The opening of the international UWC Dilijan School gave rise to a new initiative of the IDeA Foundation – the city’s development. The positive and powerful impact of the UWC Dilijan initiative proved that Dilijan as a city had all the right characteristics that, together with the right investment, could make it into vibrant community and a world-renowned location.

By fostering the region’s development, IDeA is aiming to turn Dilijan into an international education and cultural hub as well as a tourist and recreation center. We are focused on the creation of social and cultural networks that can dually provide local citizens with opportunities for community involvement and international visitors with an enriching and unique experience.

JUST DILIJAN IT! is the first international summer camp in Armenia for kids aged 10 – 16 years, and has been running in the grounds of the UWC Dilijan boarding school since 2013. The specially designed edutainment program in a unique environment provides the perfect balance of leisure and development, fun exploration and the chance to make friends with children from all over the world. JUST DILIJAN IT! gives kids the inspiration and support to think differently and make decisions on their own – letting them take the future in their own hands. The program is organized by the Scholae Mundi Armenia foundation, the institution that founded UWC Dilijan. To learn more about the project, please visit the JUST DILIJAN IT! page.

A significant component of the program has been the creation of the Dilijan Community Center (DCC), which hosts professional development, educational events, and grassroots initiatives that engage the community in new and enlightening programs. The DCC has rapidly become a “third place” for the community, serving youth ages 13-18 and adults. There are over 30 lectures and 16 events held throughout the year. The Women’s Initiative Group recently launched out of the Center and is increasingly engaging women to become greater participants in their own community and empowered citizens of a global world.

IDeA’s progress in Dilijan has led to the realization that numerous economic and infrastructure developments are necessary to support the transformation of the area. A new foundation, the Dilijan Development Foundation (DDF), has been created to oversee the planning and execution of urban planning investments and compliance with contemporary urban development standards.