November 14, 2014

Donors allot USD 1.5mln for 22 students from Armenia studying in UWC system

 Yerevan /Mediamax/. Financial resources play no role in the decision to study in UWC educational system.

Head of UWC Dilijan College John Puddefoot, Chair of the Board of Governors of UWC Dilijan College Veronika Zonabend and UWC Armenian National Committee representative Daria Brodnikovskaya stated it at the press-conference in Yerevan today.

John Puddefoot said “we first choose the students and only then think of tuition fee-related issues”.

“UWC movement brings together students from almost all nations in the world and it’s truly international. We are different, and we unite students representing various religions, political convictions and cultures. Most importantly, we do not take into account the economic and social conditions - our students might come from refugee families, from poor families or from quite wealthy ones”, said John Puddefoot.

He noted that 63 out of current 93 students at UWC Dilijan College study owing to scholarships.

“If students have clear orientation and are capable of changing the world into a better place, then they should be encouraged to apply to us irrespective of the fact their families will afford paying the tuition fee or not”, added the Head of UWC Dilijan College.

Vernika Zonabend stressed that admitted students are welcome to apply for a grant, after which the Committee on Grants will pass a decision concerning the amount of financing they will receive.

She noted that all 22 Armenian students studying in UWC system have received grants covering their apprenticeship costs for 90-100%. The total amount of grants provided by donors makes USD 1.5mln.

UWC Armenian National Committee representative Daria Brodnikovskaya recalled that the deadline for applications to study in UWC system in 2015 is December 11. The applications should be filled in online on their website –

Young people aged 16-17 by the start of the academic year (September 1, 2015) are eligible to apply.

Interested students can get more detailed information concerning the admission process at 13.00 tomorrow, on November 15, during the “Open Doors” at “Manukyan” hall of “Paramaz Avetisyan” sub-building at the American University of Armenia (Baghramian Avenue, 40).

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