January 27, 2017

Syrian-Armenian Immigrants and Potential Employers Meet Up in Yerevan

The meeting was attended by more than 50 Syrian-Armenians.

On January 27, a meeting was held in Yerevan by IDeA Foundation (Initiatives for Development of Armenia), dedicated to the integration of Syrian-Armenians who have moved to Armenia, and the assessment of their needs, as part of the Syrian-Armenian Aid Initiative project.

The meeting, organized jointly by IDeA Foundation, Repat Armenia, Mission Armenia and the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), was attended by more than 50 Syrian-Armenians, of whom 16 have moved to Armenia as part of the IDeA initiative.

Among the invited attendees were a number of Syrian-Armenians recently arrived in Armenia for permanent residence, who spoke about their successes at home, employment and business activities.

Participants were given information packs created by IDeA Foundation staff, designed to help them to draw up a family budget in Armenia and about opening and running a business.

"For Syrian-Armenians it is very important to overcome the psychological problems associated with integration. Therefore, we decided to organize an exchange of experience between those who have only recently moved to Armenia from Syria and immigrants who have been settled here for some time already. Our organization works individually with each family that has moved to Armenia from Syria, providing information and helping families integrate and find employment ", said the head of Repat Armenia Vardan Marashlyan.

Also at the meeting were representatives from a number of Armenian companies and organizations, who are interested in employing Syrian Armenians. They spoke to the Syrian-Armenians about the vacancies which they have on offer within their organizations.

According to Armen Minasyan, head of the Syrian-Armenian Aid Initiative, IDeA Foundation is not only focused on the problems of those living in Aleppo, but is also concerned with Armenians returning to Armenia. "This meeting, organized jointly by IDeA Foundation and our partners, provides a unique opportunity to discuss the issues relating to the integration of Syrian-Armenians to properly assess their needs and find ways to integrate them into the workforce", he said.

The meeting concluded with a question and answer session, after which the Syrian-Armenians had the opportunity to talk with potential employers.

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