February 15, 2017

Candlemas Celebration Brings Together the Community of Tatev

Archimandrite Mikael Gevorgyan blessed 25 pairs of newlyweds at Tatev Monastery.

As an initiative of the Tatev Revival Programme of the IDeA Foundation (Initiatives for Development of Armenia), Candlemas was celebrated in the community of Tatev, Syunik Region, Armenia, for the third year in a row.

On 14 February, Archimandrite Mikael Gevorgyan personally blessed 25 pairs of newlyweds at Tatev Monastery, after which a festive meal was held accompanied by songs and dancing.

According to Father Mikael, events like this one allow the residents of Tatev to get to know each other better.

“Initiatives like this bring together new families, and the residents of Tatev feel more involved in the life of the community”, said Father Michael. He added that such events support the church community, the awakening of spiritual life and the preservation of national traditions.

The head of the Tatev Revival Programme Hayk Tutunjyan noted that the celebrations are aimed not only at drawing together young couples, but they also liven up the social life of the Tatev region in the tourist off-season.

“Despite the cold winter, young couples from Tatev region came to celebrate the holiday. This level of enthusiasm shows that the local residents have already embraced the event as a welcome tradition”, said Tutunjyan.

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