April 25, 2017

IDeA Foundation Presented a Plan for the Development of Armenia to the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan welcomed representatives from IDeA Foundation, led by Ruben Vardanyan.

On Tuesday, 25 April, the Prime Minister of Armenia, Karen Karapetyan, received representatives from Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation, led by its co-founder, Ruben Vardanyan.

The meeting discussed the development programs that the foundation has already put into motion, as well as new initiatives across a variety of sectors.

Prioritizing the design of an overarching vision for the development of Armenia, Ruben Vardanyan stressed the need for public-private sector cooperation in the implementation of development programs.

Mr. Vardanyan noted that in cooperation with their partners and donors, IDeA Foundation has, since 2007, implemented several different projects costing a total of US $550 million, and is going to attract an additional US $1.3 billion over the next 15 years that will have a major positive impact on the socio-economic development of Armenia.

The co-founder of IDeA presented a package of proposals for new development projects in Armenia that would ensure the continuity of the existing programs, and also branch out into new areas. Noting that IDeA has focused on 10 areas that serve as a platform for the development of its activities in Armenia, Ruben Vardanyan provided details of the programs targeting information technology, education, tourism, healthcare, agriculture, mining industry, telecommunications, infrastructure, cultural heritage and the financial system. He singled out the investment projects intended for the development of Artsakh.

He said that these programs would have a long-term socio-economic impact and will help enhance Armenia’s recognition worldwide. Addressing issues related to the implementation of the proposed programs, Ruben Vardanyan suggested improving management, enhancing the effectiveness of public-private cooperation mechanisms and taking steps toward specifying criteria and approaches.

Welcoming the activities of Initiatives for Development of Armenia Foundation, Prime Minister Karapetyan noted that they are critical to ensuring the future and progress of the country.

“I wish to thank Ruben Vardanyan and his colleagues for their shared concern for Armenia and consistent efforts in our country. We must provide a suitable and encouraging response. The government is interested in making Armenia an environment where all investors can operate in complete confidence and safety. That is why public-private partnerships should be understandable and profitable for our business partners. We are open to all proposals,” the Premier said.

Commenting upon the proposed initiatives, the Prime Minister instructed the responsible agencies to actively work on each specific program developed by IDeA Foundation.

“All programs should be given an adequate response so that the initiative group has a clear picture of what steps to take next. We are using this platform to identify joint projects and develop general approaches to move forward,” the Prime Minister said.

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