October 20, 2017

PM receives participants of NSF-FAST international workshop

“We think that together with you, we have the opportunity to make qualitative changes in Armenia”, PM said.

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan received the organizers and participants of the joint international workshop hosted by the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) and the US National Science Foundation (NSF).

The Prime Minister once again thanked the organizers for initiating an international workshop, noting that his government pinned great hopes on similar important steps aimed at developing information technology, education and science.

“We think that together with you, we have the opportunity to make qualitative changes in Armenia. Not only we are ready, but we will also do our utmost to develop cooperation and achieve progress,” the Head of Government said.

Thankful for Karen Karapetyan’s willingness of cooperation and support, the organizers and participants of the NSF-FAST workshop noted that Armenia has the necessary potential to hold a leading position in the world of technology and boast growth and development.

They said to be pleased with the workshop’s discussions and results, which had been quite effective in terms of establishing contacts and discussing opportunities for the development of the given sector.

“We, the officials, face the imperative of making innovative decisions and taking a fresh look at everything, and it is very important for us to have an independent observer and a permanent driving force in the face of FAST Foundation,. We are open and ready to respond to your queries as quickly as possible, because if we miss once again the opportunity of making swift transformations, we can lose the opportunity at all. That is why, now as we have a platform where ideas are generated that need the Government’s backing, we are ready to provide the necessary support,” the Prime Minister said, evoking the activities implemented by FAST.

The meeting discussed issues related to networking in the technology-education-science trinity and the shaping of an effective chain and, in this context, the development of Armenia-Diaspora cooperation, the tapping of existing potentialities, the implementation of Armenia’s digital agenda, the provision of infrastructures and conditions necessary for technological education, as well as other issues of topical interest.

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