July 09, 2018

World Premiere of Arshak's Song Held in Tatev

The French premiere of Arshak’s Song will take place in November in Paris.

Within the framework of the Tatev Revival project, the Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation, in collaboration with the Marseille ensemble Musicatreize and Maîtrise de Radio France held the world premiere of Arshak’s Song. The world premiere took place in Tatev.

The lyrics to the song have been written by world renowned French writer Laurent Gaude, who drew his inspiration from the millennia-old history of the monastic complex of Tatev. The music has been composed by French-Armenian composer Michel Petrossian, who had turned to the IDeA Foundation with a request to hold the premiere in Tatev. Arshak’s Song is about the loss of the human language and people’s attempts to preserve words from disappearance.

On July 6, French ensemble Musicatreize led by Roland Hayrabedian and Maîtrise de Radio France and Tatev for the first time performed the work in the yard of Tatev Monastery. Before the concert, the Maîtrise de Radio France held master classes for Tatev Children’s Choir. The concert rehearsal and master classes were held in Charles Aznavour House-Museum in Yerevan.

“Although Tatev Choir’s song list differs from that of the French Choir, we managed to build a bridge for connection and cultural communication between Armenian and French children. I am convinced that this presents an unforgettable experience for both Tatev and French children,” said Michel Petrossian at the end of the concert.

Residents from Tatev and adjacent communities and tourists were present at the open-air premiere, enjoying the joint concert of Tatev and French children. The concert lasted about an hour.

IDeA and Tatev Revival foundations had organized the concert ahead of the 17th Summit of Francophone States and Governments, scheduled to take place in Armenia. CEO of the IDeA Foundation Rafi Baghdjian highlighted the event not only in terms of popularizing Tatev Monastery, but also reviving the region’s cultural life.

“The IDeA Foundation is proud to collaborate with the Children's Choir of Radio France and Marseille ensemble Musicatreize and to host the world premiere of Arshak’s Song in Tatev. We believe this concert will raise awareness of Tatev among millions of French people and will lead to an increased number of tourists visiting Armenia from France and Francophone states. It is highly important that the Tatev Children’s Choir established within the framework of the Tatev Revival project performs with a world known choir. It is beyond doubt that this is a unique opportunity for Tatev children,” said Rafi Baghdjian.

On July 7, Arshak’s Song was also presented in Dilijan. Ambassador of France to Armenia Jonathan Lacôte, Dilijan residents and tourists attended the event.

The French premiere of Arshak’s Song will take place in Radio France’s large concert hall in Paris in November.

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