July 31, 2018

IDeA Takes the Lead in Rebuilding Friendship Park in Gyumri

IDeA intends to engage partner organizations to help implement various components of the program.

The Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation specializes in long-term projects for the sustainable socioeconomic development of Armenia, and has so far invested over USD 585 million and created approximately 1,500 new jobs. The Foundation’s latest initiative has the potential to make a transformative impact on the overall development and progress of Gyumri and the lives of its residents.

The IDeA Foundation’s development strategy for Armenia and Artsakh targets five geographic areas: Dilijan-Sevan, Tatev-Goris, Yerevan-Etchmiadzin, Stepanakert-Shushi and Gyumri. Gyumri was incorporated in the IDeA’s strategic map given its tremendous potential for tourism and urban planning projects, its geographic location, rich cultural heritage, and other factors. In 2015, IDeA provided financial assistance to the Gyumri Project Hope Foundation’s programs, which helped start the Kumayri Revival Program in 2017.

Today, IDeA is pursuing a new initiative to rebuild the Gyumri Friendship Park located next to Charles Aznavour Square and transform it into a unique public recreation area for locals. This initiative strives to contribute to the city’s renewal, boost its economic activity, and ensure a sustainable future for Armenia’s second-largest city. The project is unique in its combination of social entrepreneurship, charity and public-private partnerships.

“The idea of renovating and rebuilding the park demonstrates the role and significance of social capital. This initiative was launched at the proposal of a number of residents who wanted a recreation and entertainment area where children and adults could spend their free time, and the city’s youth could organize events and bring their most creative ideas to life,” Yelena Muradyan, Project Manager of the Gyumri Development Program at the IDeA Foundation, explains.

The IDeA Foundation and city administration of Gyumri have already signed a memorandum to implement the program. The Foundation and municipal authorities are committed to helping families living in temporary housing in the park address their apartment-related issues. Thanks to the IDeA Foundation’s financial assistance, eight families have already moved into comfortable apartments located near the park, which were chosen in collaboration with the families. The process of selecting and purchasing apartments for the rest of the families is currently underway.

The IDeA Foundation believes that the Friendship Park program will become an anchor project for the development of Gyumri. Presently, the IDeA Foundation is developing the program’s comprehensive concept, which will be ready in October 2018. IDeA plans to engage partner organizations to help implement various program components.

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