May 06, 2019

Servicemen of Syunik region visit Wings of Tatev and Tatev Monastery Complex

The aerial tramway hosts servicemen of Syunik military units free of charge twice a month

With support of Tatev Revival Program, a group of conscripts of N military unit of Syunik region have recently visited Wings of Tatev  aerial tramway, included in the Guinness World Records Book, and Tatev Monastery Complex.

Earlier, the army corps leadership of Syunik region have requested Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation for a permission of free use of services of Tatev Wings aerial ropeway for servicemen of Syunik military units. To familiarise the servicemen with the historical and cultural heritage of Armenia and bolster their integrity spirit, Wings of Tatev administration has met the request and started hosting Syunik servicemen free of charge twice a month.

On May 4, already the second group of conscripts visited Wings of Tatev and Tatev Monastery Complex. Tatev Monastery Reverend Father Ter Mikayel Vardapet Gevorgyan welcomed the soldiers, performed a benediction and handed over badges of Ashot Yerkat to them. Later, the military servicemen were taken to a tour in the monastery complex. It was the second time that serviceman Khoren Petrosyan had visited the Tatev Monastery and Wings of Tatev aerial tramway. According to him, the visit was very impressive. 

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