September 26, 2019

“Komitas: The Pathways of a Genius” Exhibition in Tatev

As part of the Aurora Forum, visitors to Tatev Monastery have the opportunity to experience a unique exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Komitas Vardapet.

“Komitas: The Pathways of a Genius” temporary exhibition will be displayed for visitors to the Tatev Monastic Complex at the Oil Mill, starting this September.

The exhibition has been organized ahead of the inaugural Aurora Forum, which is being held in Armenia on October 14-21, 2019 as part of the Tatev Revival Program undertaken by the Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation. The exhibition was brought together in cooperation with the Komitas Мuseum-Institute.

The exhibition includes photos and documents presenting Komitas and his work in the Caucasus, Europe, the Ottoman Empire and Egypt at various stages of his life and career.

Through the exhibition, visitors to the Tatev Monastery will have the chance to discover more about the life and works of the Great Komitas, one of the seminal figures of modern Armenian classical music.

“It is symbolic that the exhibition will be presented in Tatev Monastery, which, for centuries, has been one of Armenia’s vital spiritual, educational and cultural centers. Komitas was also a great teacher and pedagogue, who spread his knowledge and skills to different parts of the world,” says Hayk Demoyan, curator of the exhibition and doctor of historical sciences.

The exhibition highlights the breadth of Komitas’s travels around the world, and his interactions with Armenian and foreign intellectuals in various cities. The photos show Komitas alongside famous Armenian cultural figures such as Hovhannes Tumanyan, Avetik Isahakyan, Ghazaros Aghayan, Archag Tchobanian, Vrtanes Papazian, Gevorg Bashinjaghian, Ruben Sevak among others.

Photographic materials for the exhibition were provided from the book “Komitas Vardapet (1869-1935)” by Gurgen Gasparyan (2014, Yerevan).

The exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Komitas Vardapet will also feature many original items such as commemorative medals, books, stamps and postcards.

“Komitas: The Pathways of a Genius” will be open to visitors at Tatev Monastery until the end of the year.

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