August 26, 2020

Top 20 Finalists are Announced for the Development of Recreational Infrastructure for Friendship Park Competition in Armenia

The Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation launched an Open International Competition for Recreational Infrastructure Elements Design in Gyumri Friendship Park this July. The competition is a part of the integrated development of the park reflecting the city’s identity and conveying the idea of international collaboration. Based on the results of the first round, the jury selected 20 finalists who will become a part of this kind initiative.

Submission period lasted from 1 to 29 of July 2020. A total of 233 registrations and 84 applications were received from 16 countries and 37 cities, including Los Angeles, Montevideo, Dusseldorf, Munich, Tehran, Stockholm, Vilnius, Milan and Venice. Local architects were also actively involved, including two collaborations. An expert jury shortlisted 20 finalists by online voting. The assessment criteria included the relevance of architects’ approaches and design principles, their ideas for adapting modern solutions to the cultural context of Armenia and experience in development and implementation of projects of this scale. A complete list of finalists is available below.

The jury is comprised of renowned experts, including Alexandra Sytnikova, CEO of the consulting bureau ATLAS, Andrey Ivanov, Architect and Researcher, Nune Petrosyan, Deputy Chair for the Urban Development Committee of Armenia, Darius Reznek, Partner at the Dutch design studio Karres en Brands, Francesco Garofalo, Founding partner of landscape bureau Openfabric, Udo Dagenbach, Landscape architect and founder of the bureau Glaßer und Dagenbach GBR, Fedor Rashchevsky, Chief Architect and Partner of OFFCON Bureau, Emma Baghdasaryan, Aide to the Head of Shirak Regional Administration, Natalia Fishman-Bekmambetova, Aide to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Yelena Abovyan, Chief Operations Officer of the Initiatives for Development of Armenia Foundation.

The participants will get the Terms of Reference containing the necessary information about the park's design project and the requirements for object development. Following the second round, the jury will select the winners of the competition in three nominations, namely Urban Furniture (Park Bench Design), Standard Architectural Elements (Marketplace Pavilion Design, Landmark Architectural Element (Gardening School Pavilion Design).

In October 2020, the winners will be announced and the park’s final design project will be presented. The architects will have the opportunity to implement their projects in the new public space in Gyumri complementing the design project of the new park with unique recreational infrastructure facilities. The renovated park will become the first modern green area in the Republic of Armenia remaining a significant place and attraction point in Gyumri on the way popular among locals and tourists.

The list of the finalists of the Open International Competition for Recreational Infrastructure Elements Design in Gyumri Friendship Park:

1. Malikov architectural bureau  (Tver-Saint Petersburg-Izhevsk-Kazan-Simferopol, Russia)

2. UTRO Bureau (Moscow, Russia)

3. Consortium: Bureau Pravda and Artur Avagyan + Diana Sardaryan (Moscow-Yerevan, Russia-Armenia)

4. Consortium: Design Unit 4 + Zeitplan (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

5. Slava +PROCESS (Moscow, Russia)

6. Alan Dzhibilov (Munich, Germany) 

7. ARCHITECT MG (Kazan, Russia)

8. GIAA architecture associates (Yerevan, Armenia)

9. IND architects (Moscow,Russia)

10. Map studio - Magnani Pelzel Architetti Associati (Venice, Italy)

11. Nefa Architects (Moscow, Russia)

12. NOYD collab (Moscow, Russia)

13. SAGA (Moscow, Russia)

14. SKNYPL (Moscow, Russia)

15. SNKH STUDIO (Yerevan, Armenia)

16. STO—DA (Boston-Stuttgart, USA-Germany)

17. STORAKET (Yerevan, Armenia)

18.SULIMAN, RAKOVSKAYA & SOFOYAN (Moscow-Yerevan, Russia-Armenia)

19. SWAP OFFICE (Tehran, Iran)

20. UP'GYUMRI (Lyon, France)


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