Our Approach

IDeA’s thoughtful and holistic approach combines economic, social and cultural advantages to address ambitious goals for advancing the prosperity and strengthening the identity of the global Armenian nation.

IDeA is a private, non-profit foundation that engages both local community and international stakeholders in the creation of sustainable programs that have long-term positive socio-economic impact for Armenia and that strengthen its relevance as a global nation. Our development priorities address the inextricably linked principles of Prosperity and Identity, and stem from several strategic global factors unique to Armenia:

  • A gateway to Russia and Iran
  • Located on the new Silk Road
  • Inspiring Christian Tourism and Culturally Rich Destination
  • A Hub for Education and Healthcare in the Caucasus
  • Ecologically pure resources
  • Technologically-savvy environment

It is our belief that stimulating Prosperity and restoring Identity are indispensable, and that by focusing on their complementary nature we will strengthen the Armenian world.


Economic growth and the building of social networks that ensures increased productivity, the creation of jobs, continual innovation, foreign investment and quality education.


Activities that increase awareness of Armenian identity, the relevance of this identity to everyday life, use of language and engagement in the Armenian World.

Development Models

With clear strategic priorities and a global perspective for Armenia’s progress, IDeA has created 10 development models as a platform for its programs and projects. At the core of each model is an anchor project that represents a substantial investment and that makes a significant leap in sustainable long-term impact for the Armenian world.


Places importance on the creation of touristic infrastructure and internationally known destinations, the restoration of historical structures, and creation of a continuous flow of visitors into the country.

Urban Development

A focus on infrastructure design, zoning, regulations, and the adherence to quality architectural and construction standards, which leads to the creation of a favorable investment climate and a hub for education, culture, tourism, and business.

Cultural Heritage Preservation

A focus on restoring and enhancing cultural experiences through the renovation of historical sites as well as construction of new community-building edifices and programs.

Identity Engagement

A social engine that moves people to participate, individually and collectively, in discussions around Armenia identity and the human condition, and empowers them to take action.


A whole-systems approach to agriculture, which links ecology, culture, economics and society to sustain and grow agricultural production and farming communities.


The establishment of pedagogical models that leverage capabilities and develop a human talent that is productive, tolerant, and creative.


A multi-dimensional and holistic approach to medical care, taking advantage of Armenia as a potential “hub” of medical expertise and quality deliverer of healthcare services.


The platforms for innovation that lead to breakthroughs and discoveries as well as the development of a solid and sustainable workforce.


A focus on optimizing the extraction and purification of Armenia's rich resources.

Financial Infrastructure

The creation of a solid and sophisticated financial framework in order to maintain a growing economy.

Guiding Principles

Fundamental to the success of all of IDeA’s projects are 10 Guiding Principles that are paramount to ensuring accountability and sustainability. By following these guidelines IDeA remains focused, purposeful, and strategic.

Anchoring component of forcible magnitude and measurable impact; “raise the bar” for Armenia’s achievements

An open platform of engagement welcoming partners, international stakeholders, and government

Reinforces other projects and impacts multiple sectors simultaneously

Fully managed from concept and design to development and delivery

Has a multiplier effect creating a chain reaction of impact over time

Long term self-sustainability using blend of profit/ charity investment

Designed and managed using
best practices

Actively involves the local
community in its initiatives

Uses a process that can be replicated

Regularly evaluated for social impact