What We Do

Syrian-Armenian Relief

Despite the diversity of policies and viewpoints, we believe that saving lives is an absolute priority and we respect the right of each individual Syrian-Armenian to determine their own future.

Public Reports

In 2016, IDeA Foundation embarked upon a fundraising campaign to provide aid to Syrian-Armenians impacted by the military conflict in Syria. The aid provided assistance for families who stayed in Syria, families who seeked temporary refuge outside Syrian border, families who wished to relocate to Armenia, as well as those who wanted to or had already resettled in Armenia.

To complement efforts at the governmental, international and social level, IDeA launched the campaign with a $250 000 initial contribution from its Founders. It was allocated through our strategic partner AGBU, as well as three non-governmental organizations to implement Syrian-Armenian support projects in Armenia: Repat Armenia, Mission Armenia, and the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (ACCO).

Through the Initiative, 1 411 families in Syria have received financial assistance, 141 people were relocated from Syria to Armenia, and 42 families received rental subsidies to live in Armenia. IDeA Foundation continues to provide financial support through Mission Armenia to subsidize the housing rents of Syrian Armenians․

A series of trainings and employment opportunity forums were organized for relocated people.