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Tatev Revival

IDeA has transformed the Tatev region, making it the leading cultural and spiritual destination in the region and creating an unforgettable experience for tourists.

Public Reports

Tatev is swiftly becoming a world-class destination, with tourists visiting from throughout Armenia, Russia, Europe, and the US. The restoration of the Tatev Monastery was the anchor project in the region, which has been followed by development of the Tatev Gateway and projects in the larger area surrounding Tatev.

The aerial tramway, called the “Wings of Tatev”, reaches across the gorge and remains the longest cable car connection in the world. It not only set the Guinness record its length but also for being the fastest constructed cable car, completed in only 10 months. In its first year of operation in 2010, roughly 10,000 people traveled on the cable car; by the end of 2017 tramway passengers had surpassed 640,000.

Capacity building is integral to advancing prosperity in Tatev and sustaining economic growth for the area. The creation of Bed and Breakfasts surrounding the Tatev Gateway has provided career opportunities for local men and women while simultaneously supporting the growing number of tourists. IDeA provides new business owners with legal and business consulting as well as training in sales and marketing.

The vibrancy that has returned to Tatev can be seen throughout the year in community and local events. The Sheep Shearing Festival in 2014 gathered over 3,000 participants; in 2015 this number grew to 4,000. The creation of the Tatev Monastery Children’s Choir has engaged dozens of local youth in performances throughout Armenia. The upgrading of children’s playgrounds, reconstruction and improvement of local schools, and the preservation of land and forestation are all initiatives of the Tatev Revival project that have changed the region and it’s potential forever.

Private donations, private-sector investments, and government contributions are all part of the revitalization of Tatev, which stands as testimony to the magnitude of what can be created when these forces work together.