Uncovering the Most Impactful
Philanthropic Opportunities

IDeA is a multifaceted not-for-profit charitable foundation incorporated in Armenia. Our purpose is to run and support long-term economic, social and cultural programs targeted at strengthening and prospering Armenia and the Armenian identity all over the world, as well as supporting other social impact initiatives globally.

Our Mission

Together, we will develop Armenia’s philanthropy infrastructure. Empower others to create in a sustainable ecosystem. And develop and support initiatives that build toward this future, including those launched and sponsored by Ruben Vardanyan and his partners.

Inspired by Ruben Vardanyan, his family and friends, and hundreds of thousands of supporters across the world, the foundation and its partners have already brought to life 700 long-term initiatives.

Our Board of Trustees

Guiding us on our mission is a group of visionaries committed to developing Armenia and promoting social impact initiatives globally. Together, they are driven by their talents and expertise earned over a lifetime serving the Armenian and international communities.

Our Leadership Team

Our operational excellence stems from the strength of our leaders. IDeA’s team works tirelessly to ensure our work is implemented flawlessly.

Liana Yordanyan

Chief Operations Officer

Sergey Asatryan

Chief Finance Officer

Our Approach

Guiding every move we make are 6 Guiding Principles. They ensure our accountability and sustainability. And adhering to them keeps us focused, purposeful, and strategic.

Our Guiding Principles

Set a higher standard for achievements and potential in an impactful, measurable way

Create an open platform of engagement for local partners, international stakeholders, and the government

Reinforce other projects and impact multiple sectors simultaneously

Scale and create a chain reaction of impact over time

Use a blend of profit and charity investment to ensure long-term self-sustainability

Exemplify international best practices of design and management


Our Annual Report

IDeA is proud to actively invest in Armenia’s growth through open and impactful initiatives, and to support social impact initiatives globally. And we are happy to report back to you on the challenges and successes of this past year.


We are always looking for talented individuals who can bring their passion and expertise to solve Armenia’s most pressing issues, and to support social impact initiatives globally.