Private Agency for Socio-Economic Development (PASED)

IDeA Foundation is an originator of this new concept of economic development in Armenia, and sees this as a pioneering model for developing countries throughout the world.

In IDeA’s Private Agency for Socio-Economic Development, a charitable initiative is made sustainable through investment projects that bring revenue back into the initiatives. The blending of charity and investment provides a sustainable funding model for social capital creation by combining the desire to provide social good with business activities that create long-term socio-economic prosperity.

7 Disruption Drivers

IDeA’s model makes a disruption to traditional philanthropy, with 7 Drivers guiding its intentions:

Attracting, developing and retaining top talent committed to social impact
as a “way of life”

An alignment of expectations with social change horizons: 25 years
for impact, not 5

Investment in developing strategic insight and rigorous objectives

A shift from charity to venture philanthropy and sustainable impact

Financial returns coinciding
with social impact.

Strict adherence to the
10 Guiding Principles

Building of trust and synergies
between private, social
and government partners

IDeA’s Capability Model

To effectively harness the PASED model, IDeA Foundation’s has developed 3 distinctive capabilities that enable it to purposefully and effectively create and deliver sustainable value through its projects:

Resource Architects

The innovative approach to working with partners in capacities that mix charity with investment.

Strategists and Planners

Economic and strategic analysis of communities, territories and populations that leads to compelling financing and partnership models for implementation.

Project Implementers

Highly astute operational and executional oversight using results-based analytics to drive efficiencies and impact.