Yerevan-based Go2Armenia, founded in 2008, is one of the pioneers of business tourism in Armenia. The company is responsible for organizing the largest and most important events in the country, occupying a leading position in the Armenia’s event-management industry. It manages events of any complexity, including corporate tours, seminars and conferences, employee motivational trips and much, much more. Go2Armenia offers various forms of tours, which include educational, recreational, adventure and gastro tours. In just the past three years, the team has welcomed more than 10,000 guests and won the trust of dozens of large companies from around the world.

Go2Armenia has worked for companies such as Sberbank, VTB, Gazprom, Kamaz, Hals Development, EY, Unilever, Bosco, MasterCard, Pernod Ricard, Red Bull, Davidoff, Novartis, Lundbeck, Comstar, Ambiente, Valente amongst many other distinguished clients. Go2Armenia has enormous experience undertaking marquee events. The team has put on events in Yerevan for such world-famous artists as Joe Cocker, Placido Domingo, Lara Fabian.

The company seeks to develop event tourism in Armenia, position the country strategically at leading tourism portals, research and map the touristic assets of Armenia to include 800 locations with their descriptions, photo and video materials, set new and high standards in in terms of service, tourist experience and country presentation, maximize the company’s contribution to the economic development of the country, which is the declared mission of the company.