The Tatev Gateway Masterplan involves the development of the territories adjacent to the Halidzor and Tatev aerial tramway stations.

A new and exciting destination was designed to be the international gateway to a truly unique Armenian experience.

Design solutions for the Tatev Gateway area were developed by US-based Nextep Design International Studio.

This US-based company addresses the growing local and international demand for experiential architectural projects, i.e. theme parks, resort hotels, attractions and accompanying venues.

Guests of all ages will be able to immerse themselves in amazing examples of Armenian culture, commerce, history, edutainment and adventure.

The expansion of a number of tourist services will help increase the amount of time visitors spend in Tatev, resulting in more income from their visit. This will also contribute to the development of hospitality businesses throughout the region.

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On this platform, you can learn about two-decades long thought, passion, commitment and hard work — all in pursuit of a more prosperous Armenia. The road has been long and reflections many. But we managed to achieve to a point where our work has left its mark on the lives of millions of people and we are really proud of it.

Our accomplishments are the fruit of a collective effort by hundreds of thousands of promoters and volunteers, tens of thousands of donors and supporters, hundreds of colleagues and dozens of founding partners. Together, we have shown what wonderous things can be achieved when people strive for realization of a common goal.

Allow our family, who was lucky enough to witness these remarkable achievements from the beginning, to express our sincere gratitude to numerous wonderful, caring, purposeful people and organizations that made all these achievements possible. We have the honor to present their successes and express our gratitude to them.

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