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The discussion paper “At the Crossroads” by Ruben Vardanyan and Nune Alekyan is an invitation to talk about the future of Armenia and the Armenian people. The authors present to the reader the outcomes of many years of discussion and debate conducted by people concerned about the fate of Armenians and Armenia, sharing their vision of the future, talking about their own projects designed to create that future, and striving to expand the circle of trust.

The project launched in 2017 and is aimed at involving everyone who is not indifferent to the future of Armenia and the Armenian people in a discussion to jointly outline the image of a future worthy of achievement. The authors hoped to discuss the possible vectors and models for the development of the country and the nation, to weigh their advantages and disadvantages and, on the basis of a joint and sober assessment, propose a model that could most effectively ensure prosperity, security and the preservation of national identity in the 21st century. In project authors’ opinion, any possible development model should be analysed through the lens of these three key factors. Here, typical existing models are those representing Armenia as a Metropolis and Periphery, Hub Economy, and Capsule country, though different scenarios may be applicable for different stages of development.

How to make Armenia a prosperous country?

Which model of development is preferable for us in the 21st century?

Where in the modern world would we like to see Armenia and the Armenians?

What do we strive for?

What do we want to pass on to future generations?

What do we expect from the world?

What are we ready to offer instead?

The discussion paper also describes projects that have been implemented since the early 2000s, together with partners and like-minded people, and how these initiatives fit into the overall picture of transformations that can bring Armenia and the Armenian nation closer to the realisation of our dreams.
From its inception to the present day, the project has involved about 1,500 people who have participated in discussions on the future of Armenia and the Armenian people with the authors and with each other, together creating projects that will initiate productive changes.

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Dear Visitor,

We are glad you are interested in the activities of the IDeA Foundation.

On this platform, you can learn about two-decades long thought, passion, commitment and hard work — all in pursuit of a more prosperous Armenia. The road has been long and reflections many. But we managed to achieve to a point where our work has left its mark on the lives of millions of people and we are really proud of it.

Our accomplishments are the fruit of a collective effort by hundreds of thousands of promoters and volunteers, tens of thousands of donors and supporters, hundreds of colleagues and dozens of founding partners. Together, we have shown what wonderous things can be achieved when people strive for realization of a common goal.

Allow our family, who was lucky enough to witness these remarkable achievements from the beginning, to express our sincere gratitude to numerous wonderful, caring, purposeful people and organizations that made all these achievements possible. We have the honor to present their successes and express our gratitude to them.

We have tried to present the key landmarks of our journey to a brighter Armenia, to chart the lessons learned, and some of the new approaches and initiatives they have forged — the 700 projects over the last 20 years.

We hope that learning about these works will be as pleasant for you as it is for us to tell about them.

But, more importantly, we would like to see you among those Armenians who will continue this path together with us in the future.

If a single community of like-minded people working towards the realization of a common vision of the future can achieve such a result, imagine what kind of changes can be made if the efforts of the entire nation were directed towards creation. Together we can dream.

And, together, we can make our dreams come true.

Thank You,

Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend