ARMENIA 2021-2041

National agenda

Armenia 2021-2041 is a platform comprised of a number of projects designed to secure Armenia’s future collectively and transform the country into a prosperous and progressive state able to take its rightful place on the world stage. All its projects are carried out through the ARMENIA 2041 Charity Foundation.


The Armenia 2041 strategic assessment is research conducted by McKinsey & Co with the goal of developing a 10-year blueprint and 5-year action plan for Armenia. The project is based on the earlier Armenia 2020 strategic scenario building initiative conducted by McKinsey & Co in 2001 and reflects the impact of the Artsakh war and Covid-19 in 2020.

The objectives of the project are: the development of a baseline of the current economic situation of the country, designing a vision for Armenia 2041, deriving economic segments and clusters to prioritise in the country’s development over the upcoming decades, and building a blueprint for sectoral development.

The end-product of this initiative will be a macro-vision for the country over the coming 20 years. It will include the development of several socio-economic goals and objectives important to Armenia’s development, a diagnosis for five priority sectors and a blueprint for a development strategy. This will serve as a foundation for further initiatives and a roadmap for investment decisions both in private, public and publicprivate partnership initiatives.


The Global Armenian Impact Network (GAIN) is a professional platform aimed at connecting and becoming an intersection between help seekers and help providers. It is a network of diaspora and citizen Armenians who are focused on collective efforts to secure the prosperous development of Armenia by linking a professional talent pool of help providers to tailored development projects initiated by help seekers.

GAIN is a platform that addresses the problems of how to move Armenians and Armenian Diaspora towards becoming a true Global Network Nation. It makes Armenia the starting point for the new “national revival”, ensures Armenia’s development model through the active participation of the Diaspora and all individuals willing to support, identifies a talent pool and knowledge gaps, including ways to tackle it, and increases direct investments, repatriation, and mission aligned philanthropy/ remittances. It creates a new social contract for Armenians — one that embodies a win-win for all.