Ecosystem platforms

“The changing climate is a threat to human rights. The fossil fuel-based development model has not benefited all people, and those who have benefited least are now suffering great harm in the face of climate change. But tackling the issue of climate change presents us with an inflection point in human history — a climate justice revolution that separates development from fossil fuels, supports people in the most vulnerable situations to adapt, allows all people to take part and, most importantly, realize their full potential.”

Mary Robinson

UN special envoy for climate change and former president of Ireland

In an era of rapid and global environmental change, it is essential to develop a society of citizens well educated in ecological processes and concepts.

To that end, a series of projects ranging from raising awareness on ecological issues to offering solutions to specific problems faced by Armenia and the world today have been carried out.

Climate Uturn is an initiative that raises awareness of environmental sustainability and standards through research, events and online campaigns. Through its projects people get ecological education and tools to change their surroundings and impact communities.

It operates in Armenia and Russia.


  • Series of lectures for HeadHunter team’s children (10 lectures on food sustainability, fashion sustainability and green cities)
  • Series of lectures for Krylya School in partnership with Headhunter and project work (18 meetings that included 12 lectures on food sustainability, fashion sustainability and green cities as well as six projectwork meetings where students created their own project – sustainable canteen in their school)
  • Series of lectures and project work for Ayb students with three sustainability projects at the end (students gathered the data for a food sharing platform during the Artsakh war and helped connect restaurants with free food with refugees; students analysed Ayb canteen in terms of sustainability; students planned an event about the environment)
  • Series of lectures for Ebay Russia team (lectures on food sustainability and healthy eating)
  • Lecture for Deceuninck (lecture on food sustainability and healthy eating)


Concept development and content creation for educational center for teenagers in Yerevan Botanical Garden.


  • Sustainable solutions for Urvakan festival (solar panels were installed, waste sorting was organised, bins installed, and workers and volunteers trained, and plastic bottles were sent to recycling)

  • Sustainable solutions for Moscow local food market (the whole chain of festival organisation was analysed from the food menu to waste sorting, sustainable solutions were presented on every step, and were implemented by the festival team a year later)


  • 50 awareness raising online and offline events about climate change and the environment including an educational eco-corner at the citywide festival #AraratChallenge Fest and a Meeting with Mary Robinson, UN Special Envoy for Climate Change

  • World Cleanup day with over 10,000 participants, and plastic sorting and recycling

  • Representing Armenia at UN COP 25 Climate Summit in Madrid


  • Research on the food safety industry in Armenia in partnership with the UNDP

  • Research on sustainable water consumption for Moscow City Hall