Under the Prosperity segment, the evolution of the Armenian economy was analysed. An ambitious forward-looking development roadmap was elaborated with the objective of doubling the country’s wealth over the next fifteen years. A sophisticated and custom-made econometric model enabled an estimate of the need for around 0.5 billion USD of investment annually into the Armenian economy to reach this goal.

These investments had to primarily target high priority sectors, productivity, technological innovation and education, and needed to be supported by legal and regulatory reforms.

Under the Identity segment, a detailed survey was carried out within key diaspora communities worldwide to garner attitudes and levels of engagement towards Armenia and Armenian identity. This led to an aspiration to “convert” 500,000 disengaged Armenians into “engaged” Armenians over the next 15 years.

A blueprint for the kind of future organisation required to implement this vision was outlined, including the identification of new capabilities, corresponding function profiles and rough staffing levels. A concrete leadership structure at the top was also identified to govern, guide and manage the future organisation. \

A number of immediate new joint projects were initiated and a list of potential future new programs covering seven priority themes (Humanitarian, Culture, Education, Socio-economic development, Leadership, Geographical Expansion, Advocacy) was elaborated.

Finally, for improved coordination, Ruben Vardanyan was elected as a member of AGBU’s Central Board of Directors. Berge Setrakian and Vasken Yacoubian were correspondingly elected to the Board of Trustees of the Initiatives for Development of Armenia Charitable Foundation. While, the initiative resulted in the joint implementation of a number of projects, such as the Syrian-Armenian Relief project, the ambitious strategic thinking behind it remained untapped and gradually evolved into our “PASED” (Private Socio Economic Development Agency) model.



A visionary concept for a platform that creates unique opportunities for the Armenian people was designed to become the pre-eminent Armenian Development Institution aimed at preserving, protecting, developing and promoting the Global Armenian Nation through flagship programs that have distinctive impact. It is a result of a joint effort with the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), forged with the ambition to combine the strengths of our organisations and capture unique synergies.

From 2014, a group of senior leaders worked intensively to develop a vision to articulate the core rationale for a renewed drive to advance the global Armenian nation. This vision was informed and shaped by a strategic diagnostic exercise and insights developed in the summer of 2015. It was supported by in-depth and new diagnostic analyses carried out by specialist advisors, covering two broad themes: Prosperity and Identity.

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Our accomplishments are the fruit of a collective effort by hundreds of thousands of promoters and volunteers, tens of thousands of donors and supporters, hundreds of colleagues and dozens of founding partners. Together, we have shown what wonderous things can be achieved when people strive for realization of a common goal.

Allow our family, who was lucky enough to witness these remarkable achievements from the beginning, to express our sincere gratitude to numerous wonderful, caring, purposeful people and organizations that made all these achievements possible. We have the honor to present their successes and express our gratitude to them.

We have tried to present the key landmarks of our journey to a brighter Armenia, to chart the lessons learned, and some of the new approaches and initiatives they have forged — the 700 projects over the last 20 years.

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