Ecosystem platforms

The world is constantly changing. New rules, new realities. And to be able to face those realities one has to have a plan. A strategy. A roadmap. Clear understanding of where they are going. For small countries like Armenia this is far more crucial. Scarce in natural resources our country is rich in human potential and this potential needs to be cultivated. Hence, the importance of developed science and technology particularly in Armenia can’t be emphasized enough. The foundation, the cornerstone for a developed country and society is in developed science and technology. We need prominent scientists, developed tech landscape and state of art infrastructure to have all this going. This is why one of the directions for the Future Armenian Initiative is the Science and Technology Platform. A lot of work has been done in this area, a lot is still ongoing. However, we need to bear in mind that this is a never-ending process and a priority that everyone should abide by. 

Artur Alaverdyan

FAST | Foundation for Armenian
Science and Technology